July 30, 2012

More from the nica

Crazy how fast the time is flying by. I just sent a ton of photos so sorry if my letter is a little short but I have 20 minutes left.  We went and played tennis today for p-day and then went to the palace and cathedral again.  It was fun. 

I got tons of mail this week - like 39 letters - but I haven’t had time today to respond so sorry if I don’t get to it today - but thanks for all the mail.  I had a good time reading all your letters.  I love you so much and can’t wait to see you.  I got my travel plans too...good times!  We had a good week but a hard last couple of days.  Friday was good - and our man got baptized on his birthday and all was well.  Saturday our numbers weren’t very good and on Sunday we had no one at church...not cool!   And we had a man to baptize this week but he didn’t come on Sunday.  But life goes on.  Better week this week.  We are still having a good time together.  I told my companion she needs to come visit me in Arizona.  We had a good training from Hermana Payne.  She is famous in the missionary world from the DVDs we watch.  It was really good and I learned lots.  She said how we are the only people in our areas who have this calling to help people reach salvation.  It is true.  We have what they need to have eternal life.  It was a good meeting.  On Tuesday we went to Masaya to do divisions.  When I said good-bye to my companion we gave each other a big hug.  I love this girl.  She says she feels really relaxed around me.  We both feel real comfortable around each other.  It’s really good.  I am a happy camper. I love you sooooo much and can’t believe that I only have 2 months left...crazy.  The gospel is true and I love you. I only have a few minutes left but here are some pics from the last FHE we did before Hermana Flores left.  The guy is our mission leader and it’s in his house.  I am doing real good.  Happy August!  Adios.  Love, alc.

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