July 2, 2012

More from the nica!

So I am here now.  It has been a decent week, not so great with numbers since we had a couple days where we walked and walked and almost no one was home but whatever.  Life goes on and my companion was a little sick too but she kept working and now she is better.  I can’t believe how fast the time is going...13 weeks...wow.  But I am doing real good and I am really not sure about changes.  They are next week.  Today they should know who is training.  I’d like to stay but we shall see.  Probably I will go to a new area to finish my last 2 changes.  When we were at a member’s house they had the radio on and I heard Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror”.  Crazy how music can trigger so many memories and how you remember all the words even though you haven’t thought about that song for over a year.  Now I have just 3 more Fast Sundays, 3 months from Wednesday, and 1 more interview with president and then I will see your lovely faces and we will just have 7 more weeks to write the crazy Lenny.  Crazy times!  I can’t believe that I am actually here doing this. I need to be the missionary you expect me to be...like Elena said.  I do have quite the nica accent I think. 
Anyway, here’s more from your nica girl...  I can’t believe how fast the time is going by.  Soon these 18 months will be a grand memory but I’ve gotta keep working until the last day.  We are doing good.  We found and are teaching a lady who sometimes says a few words in English but I have a hard time speaking English to non-native speakers.  It is weird because I really don’t think the people think twice about speaking to me in Spanish but whatever.  I really do feel like I belong here but I am sure I stick out like a sore thumb on the street.  I really can’t wait to bring you to meet all my favorite people.  It will be so crazy when the people see the dos Hermanas Cottam.  Good day. They won’t know what to think. Today we went to a field to play with our zone and another.  We mostly just chatted but it was fun to see a couple elders that were in my first district over a year ago.  Then we went to Pizza Hut for lunch... real good!  We had a good Fast Sunday yesterday.  Our recent convert said she would bear her testimony if I did. So I was waiting for the opportunity to get up and not have to sit up on the stand and wait but she got up before me.  Then I did, so that I kept my word.  She is a keeper.  We have been working with the members more than usual, which is good.  As I think about leaving these people I realize how important the members are because they are the ones that will stay and take care of our people.  It doesn’t matter how attached the people are to me, I am going to leave someday and they need to have other friends and helpers in the church.  We are focusing on getting references from members.  I did write letters today so I am caught up.  I haven’t gotten mail but hopefully this week.  I hope you have a fantastic birthday Dad.  I can’t believe it’s been a year since you said how you remembered how Grandma Laurel turned 57 when you were on your mission.  I am a happy girl and know this was the best decision I could have made to come on a mission.  This is truly the work of the Lord and I am happy and healthy.  The work is going along.  I know it is true and I love you tons.  You are the bestest.  Have a great week and happy 4th.  Eat a hamburger for me!   Love your nica daughter, alc

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