July 9, 2012

Hi peeps...19 weeks

I’m just getting on the computer now.   We had an activity with the hermanas at the president´s house which was fun.  Then we started walking to try and find the bus and my companion suddenly had to go to the bathroom so we walked back to the CCM. Then we took a taxi back to the area. I got to see someone at the CCM from Mendoza which was fun. I am doing good here and the activity was fun with all of the hermanas and Hermanas Hernandez, Mcdermid, and Eickbush.  We just chatted and ate good food and Hermana Mcdermid gave a little lesson about companionships preparing us for marriage.  They are going home at the end of the month so it was good to see her.  So it´s been a good week.  On the 3rd I ate some ice cream in honor of Dad´s birthday and I had a Fanta 4th of July. J ...good times!   I think part of the reason I get such a kick out of drinking Fanta is because you don´t like me drinking it. J ...such a rebel!  I got some mail today at the activity but I haven´t read it all...dearelders from last week, a letter from Chester, and the package.  Thanks pranks.  I enjoyed showing the photo of Chessy to the hermanas.  Elder Eickbush didn´t come pick up the mail last week and I forgot to give Sister Eickbush my letters today, so I think I will just be sending those next week.  I am going to enjoy reading my mail today.  I love mail.  Hermana Mcentire said, “You still get dearelders?” and I said, “Yep!”  My mail reputation is definitely holding up thanks to your faithful dearelders and Lou, who always sends dearelders.  I have been enjoying my new black skirt all week and the hermanas liked it as I was wearing it today.   So funny thing at our house, the bowls we have are really small but we also have mixing bowls, so this week I decided to use those for my cereal.  I get a kick out of eating fruit loops out of a mixing bowl in the morning.   In companionship study this morning we sang “The First Noel”.  We sing in English since my companion likes to and I was enjoying the Christmas song.  This week I was looking through the box of old Liahonas and found one from 2003.  It was in Spanish and I decided to look through the front and see who the apostles were at that time. As I was glancing at the list of talks, guess who´s name I found?   ...30th Ward´s very own, Daryl H. Garn.  You can imagine my excitement and I enjoyed reading his talk about preparing for missionary service...cool!   I also read a talk by Pres. Packer that I think in English is called, “The Golden Years”.   It was cool too and I thought you might enjoy it since it talks about taking care of grandparents etc.  So tomorrow I get to go on exchanges with Hermana Avery in Mendoza.  I am super excited to see my peeps and my old stomping ground.  The lady I ran into today from Mendoza gave me a huge hug.  It was great.  It will be so fun for you to meet these peeps.  It was great chatting with Hermana Ball today and all of the hermanas.  I told Hermana Eickbush that she is one of my favorite people here and that I love seeing her.  She said the feeling is mutual and that she remembers when I got here and that we always had a connection.  We didn´t have a huge success this week with the investigators but that´s how it goes.  We were hoping to set a baptismal date with 2 people but the mom has to get married first, so it will be a longer process with them.  Her little girl was the only investigator we had at church yesterday.   I appreciate that Dad said I would find my work rewarding in small but important ways.  The hermanas in Gazcue are supposed to have a couple of baptisms this month, one I met briefly and apparently the daughter of someone we contacted.   So the fruits come eventually.  Anyways, life is good.  I had dreams about transfers and that I left my area and Alexis was going to be working in Mendoza...crazy!  I hope you all are doing good and that you have a grand week my forever family.  It is always so good to hear from you.  One week left of this transfer...crazy...see you in 19 weeks.  Love you a million.  Love, ejc

P.S.  Here are some pictures from today and from my Fanta Fourth.  The power went out at the other internet place so we had to find another one for our last 10 minutes or so.  Anyways enjoy the pics of me and Hermanas Eickbush and Mcdermid.  Good times!  There’s also one of Hermana’s Ball and Louis and then me with Hermana Espinoza.

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