July 30, 2012

Hi peeps...more from the DR

     So, it´s just another day here in Santo Domingo.  We´ve had a fairly boring p-day today but that´s okay.  We did go buy a few things.  Then we went back to the house for lunch and Hermana Vera and her companion came over, so that was fun.  I got to see about 10 seconds of the Olympics on Friday night when we stopped at a colmado, or corner store, to buy a snack.  The opening ceremonies were on which was sweet.  I stood there eating my Doritos until the guy working there asked if I wanted to sit down to watch.  I saw them running around with the torch and then lighting a bunch of little torches that were lifted up and a bunch of fireworks.  Then one of the Beatles guys starting singing.  Anywho, we left since I didn´t want to give the wrong impression about missionaries. J  I got letters and your package.  Thanks peeps, you are the best.  We´ve had a pretty good week here.  We set a baptism date with a girl for the beginning of September and another for August 18.  We will have to push that one back so they can come to church a few more times.  Another lady came to church but we didn´t see her since she only came the second hour.  Hopefully we can get some of these people baptized.  They all like the church, but I want to make sure we baptize people who are going to stay and be good members, but hopefully some baptisms soon.      This week I feel like I have a bunch of random stories to tell you...so here it goes.
-I saw a silver Tiburon from a distance this week. Yay! It had an ugly spoiler and was kind of beat up but it was the same body style as our car.
-As we were teaching a lesson this week I noticed the lady had a ring on that looked like a shield with letters inside, but I couldn´t tell exactly what it was.  When we were leaving I asked to look at it and it was a CTR ring.  She had bought it and didn´t know it was something related to the church.  That was our first visit with her, so we´ll see where it goes, but she wasn´t home when we went back for a second visit.
-We have a lady who usually cooks lunch for us and usually I like what she cooks and eat it all, but one of the days this week she fixed some rice with a side of meat.  She said it was something of chicken.  I am pretty sure it was chicken liver.  The good little Hermana Cottam tried to eat some of it but the texture was weird and it had a real strong meaty taste to it.  It looked more like some intestines or something and I just couldn´t finish it.  Hopefully she won´t cook that again.
-We went to teach a Seventh Day Adventist.  I started by saying that it is through Christ that we can have peace and happiness in this life and she said, “You think we can have happiness in this life?”  I said yes and asked her, “You don´t think we can be happy here?”  We ended up having a fairly civilized discussion and we are going back this week to teach the plan of salvation.
-So I have been enjoying late night taco Doritos they have here. Do they have those in AZ?  I hope so...  I also drank my ginger ale that I bought last week.  I think that was the first time I drank from a can since I left home...weird.
-I read the talk by Elder Ballard that Lexxy mentioned in Spanish this week. I also liked when he says that nobody loves you in the way you mother does or would do as much for you as your mother. I love mis padres. By the way it was the Dominican Father´s Day yesterday...so Happy Father´s Day again.
-We had a meeting in the office on Friday.  It was fun to see the CCM president.  We had bacon cheeseburgers and fries for lunch... mmmm.   I got my mail, so that was grand and the package had just gotten there.
-I saw the Bishop from Mendoza this week who was working on the chapel here with another Mendoza ward member. It was fun to see him since I didn´t get a chance to during my exchange in Mendoza.  I sure love my peeps in Mendoza.  I can´t wait for you to meet them too. 
    I hope life is well back at home.  I am excited to get back into the groove at school.   I can´t believe school starts next week for the kiddos there...crazy early!  I love you peeps soooooooooooooooo much.  I was so happy reading about how happy Lexxy is with her salvadoreña.  Things are good here and I am doing well. Can´t wait to see you in 16 weeks... best day ever.  I hope you have a grand week and a great start to August.   Love, ejc

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