June 25, 2012


I got the email from Elena with Chessy’s picture...funny!  I am doing good.  We didn´t end up having a baptism this week but hopefully soon.  We were happy and the elders were too, since finally we had a family in church yesterday.  Today we went with the zone to the national palace and museum and a cathedral.  It was cool.  Then we went and ate at a Mexican type restaurant and I had a taco salad.  It was good.  I will try and send some pictures. 

I had an interesting experience yesterday.  At lunch we sat down to eat and it was rice, salad and some piece of meat.  I thought about asking what it was but I decided to eat it and then ask...good choice.  It was sort of beef like and almost had a prime rib texture but there was an outer layer that I wasn’t sure about.  Anyway, the little Hermana Cottam ate it all up and then when I finished I asked what it was.  COW TONGUE.  Good thing I didn’t know what it was before hand or it would have been an effort to down it.  Actually it wasn’t that bad and now I can say I have eaten tongue. Hopefully it was a one-time experience.  I got mail this week which was good.  Anyway, we are doing good here.  Our convert is doing good and the Bishop has recommended her for the calling of seminary teacher.  So that will be cool.  It’s quite a large calling for less than a month in the church but it will be good.  We have a new ward mission leader who is great.  He is a convert of about 8 months.  He is great and ready to work.  He brought all three of the investigators we had in church yesterday.  I am happy and really don’t want to leave this area but who knows what will happen in 2 weeks?  I read an old Liahona this week that had the biographies of Elders Uchtdorf and Bednar when they were new apostles and then I had thoughts that maybe I want to be a pilot when I grow up.  I really want to fly that 747 to London and back.  Funny girl, Elena that would be cool if you were president in 20 years.  Maybe if I am a pilot I can fly your Air Force One 747.  Well, who knows what I will do but whatever?   Something else I enjoy seeing is a Tiburon that is on our street.  It is burgundy with a spoiler but I enjoy seeing a Tib...can’t wait to drive.  Hopefully I will be able to leave the house when I get home and not just sit around watching TV and looking at polls on the internet.  Ha ha ha.  It hasn’t rained too much this week.  (I did wear my boots this week but it was only cloudy for about an hour that day and then the rest of the day I walked around with my boots on ...not cool.)  I did send a birthday card to Dad last week and have letters written to mail.  I am a slacker in the mail department but I will hopefully have more time one of these weeks to write.  But you will see my lovely face in 14 weeks.  Crazy!  The time will go by fast.  Life is good as usual.  We are doing good and I will try not to eat too much cow tongue.  (Maybe I can cook it for you when I get back.)  I am happy.  The gospel is true.  I love you soooooooo much.  You are the bestest family ever.  Love, alc
P.S.  Here are more photos. Good thing my camera decided to work today. I hope you like the next to the last photo with the Republica Dominicana.  It had all the country names of Central and South America and the Caribbean.  It was nice and sunny today.  

More from the little Dominican!

Hi peeps.  I am on the computer now.  I got an email from my dear Hermana Loftus, a fellow West Wing watcher, with a picture.  I thought it was funny that she said she realized that this was my Chelsea...really my Chessy.  It is so fun seeing a picture with my Chessy and my Hermana Bradley and my Hermana Loftus.  Enjoy the photo.  All I need is my Lexxy.  I think it would be fun to go to Utah for General Conference in April for mission reunions and then everyone can meet my other half. 

Also, Lexxy when should I start sending you letters to Arizona rather than Nicaragua?  That is a fun question.  Life is good here. We have quite a few investigators with potential and they are progressing little by little. I love the family we are teaching and the little girl gave me a big hug the other day which was nice. The little boy gives me high fives and they are sweet.  Hopefully we will have some baptisms in July.  My companion is funny and I am trying to joke around more but sometimes it is hard in another language. I sometimes feel limited with my Español but some people have given me compliments.  I don´t know.  I still have lots to learn but life is good as Hermana Cottam.  Only 21 more weeks with this tag on.  I am hoping Mom and Dad go to a Spanish speaking mission as an office couple.  Mom can wear each of our tags during the mission.  The time will keep going quicker and quicker.  I hope you are doing well. It´s been a good p-day.  Hermana Louis and I met up with Hermana Vera and Hermana Avery who are in Mendoza.  We went to the mall and I had Taco Bell and frozen yogurt...mmm.  It’s been a good week.  I have been enjoying looking back at my journal and reading what I was up to a year ago.  I need to be a better journal writer but sometimes it is hard to find time at night.  I was also thinking this week about how 10 years ago I was Annika´s age, going to girl´s camp for the first time with all of my friends. Look at us now... missions, some married and some having kids...weird how 10 years can change things.  It will be interesting to see Annika in 10 years and what cool things she´s done... and where we all will be in 10 years. Maybe I´ll be president... just kidding... maybe in 20 years. J  Soon it will be the Olympics and then the elections and then I´ll be home.  I got a good stack of mail this week.  One of the elders in my district asked, “Is it your birthday?” ...funny J  It was a good mail week and I got the package with sunscreen and goodies. Thanks.  I hope Dad´s birthday letter makes it there in time.  I didn´t bring my camera this week so next week I will try and send pictures.  I love you all so much and hope you are doing well.  It´s crazy that we will be the next return missionaries in the 30th ward now that Ernie´s home.  Cool.  I am glad he did well.  Also I forgot to mention...last night we were visiting this family whose cute boys play baseball and I told them I like baseball.  The little boy was baptized a month or so ago.  We were talking about baseball and I said that I saw one time when a pitcher threw the ball and it hit a bird.  One of the boys said, that was Randy Johnson.  They know a lot about baseball. J I love you a million and in 21 weeks and 1 day we will be talking in person. Love you tons, ejc

June 18, 2012

Linda Vista week 15 and 15 to go

So, I am here now.  We went to lunch at El TORO with carne asada...mmm...a plate of gallo pinto (rice and beans), tajadas (plantains in potato chip form), and meat.  I have learned to eat whatever is in front of me.  I just eat it- but it was really good.  It was cool that the place is called the toro since I love toros.  Anyway, life is good here.  We have had a decent week but didn’t have many people at church.  We need to bring a family this week.  That’s what we are hoping for.  We had a multi-mission conference on Friday with Elder Maynes of the seventy.  It was really good.  I enjoyed seeing Hermana Pastran’s sister too.  The wife of Elder Maynes does well for not being a trained Spanish speaker.  They served as mission president in Mexico in '89-'92.  She did good with her español.  He talked about real growth in the church or that if we baptize 4000 the attendance should go up 4000 but that isn’t the case.  Anyway, he talked about the people being converts, not baptisms, so that they will stay. He told a cool story about a town in the mission in Mexico where he sent 2 missionaries and how they had found a family of about 40 and baptized them all. The dad/grandpa had found the Book of Mormon 27 years earlier but didn’t know where it came from.  He read it with his family and knew it was true but lost it.  Then every time people from churches came to his door he asked them if they had another book about Jesus Christ and when He came to the Americas.  Finally 27 years later the missionaries showed up and could answer his question.  There was an article about them in the Liahona and it should be called El Milagro de La Paz or The Miracle of La Paz.  The Book of Mormon has power and we need to use it so the people become converts not just baptisms.  He told the same story at the stake conference we had yesterday and it was really good.  I just was disappointed because we only had 2 youth there as investigators but we will hope for better results this week. I also did divisions with another hermana this week. She is one of the sisters newly called to train/supervise the sisters. I knew her from Rivas/Jinotepe and she is cool and we had a fun time. I am real unsure about changes in 3 weeks. I would like to stay but logically I would be the one to go. We shall see.  Anyway, I am doing well. I can’t believe I have 15 months with 3 to go. Last June I thought to myself I have 3 months and 15 to go and in one year it will be the other way around. Crazy how fast the year has gone.  Well, I love you so much and Elena is right... right now I don’t know what I am being prepared for but I know I am being prepared for something, if nothing more than how to deal with the challenges of life and to keep going with a smile.  I know this is the work of the Lord. I love being a missionary.  Too soon, I will be back into the thick of life.  It is weird to think about how much things have changed and the things I don’t know how much they have changed - weddings, babies, music, movies.....it will be weird getting back to real life.  But right now I am in the work of eternal life.  Also a random thing - l found in the dictionary this week the word "clodhoppers" - en español - "zapatos fuertes de trabajo" or strong shoes for work.  Funny! J I really can’t wait to wear my clogs and white socks again. 15 weeks...crazy how fast that will go. I was thinking today how cool it would be to be Lenny’s companion for a day but that will be after the mission every day.  I am doing great. I hope all is well in AZ.  I will try to write some letters today but we will see. I love you tons. Have a great week.  Remember to keep my nica flag up por favor.  Yesterday an old North American missionary was visiting at stake conference.  He went home 9 months ago.  I can’t wait to be with you 3 visiting my Nicaragua sometime next year.  Well, adios until next week.  Have a fantabulous week.  You are the bestest family on Earth. I am happy you had a good Father’s Day.  Love, alc

22 weeks to go!

Hi.  We just finished eating at Pizza Hut...mmm. We have been walking a lot today trying to find shoes and backpacks for my companion and another hermana.  We saw some of the other hermanas today which was fun.  We were late getting to Pizza Hut so we didn´t eat with them as they were almost done. It’s been a good week.  We found 16 new investigators which was really high. We´ll find out this week and next if we can get anywhere with them. We had a few people at church so that was good. The other new hermana in the house asked if I had a temple recommend holder with something cool on it. She wanted to trade but I had the same one she has from the DR temple.  The other hermana in the house has pins on her bag from her companions and said we could add to her collection.  I am settling in here in the area. The water got fixed last week so that was good.  I don´t think it is 100 percent resolved but for the most part we have running water. I thought a lot about you Dad yesterday.  I am working on a birthday letter for you this week that I hope will get there for your birthday.  I remember my first Sunday in the MTC and it being Father´s Day (like Jason G. yesterday).  Next Father´s Day I will be with you. :) I love you and all of my dearest family.  We got our microwave and blender and sandwich toaster thing this week. Yay...which we can use when we have power.  They are still working on getting the generators.  Maybe by the time I finish the mission.  :)  My companion has been teaching me some Creole since we are teaching a few Haitians. I think I better just stick with Spanish but it is kind of fun. I had a good 1 year mark and crazy that Lexxy has 15 months. It is practically July and then summer will be practically over. One night our neighbors had music on or the Disney channel or something and I heard the Miley Cyrus song, “The Climb”.   Good times! Can´t wait to jam out with you all to my favorite tunes. That is crazy that Dallyn is expecting and Brittany getting married, which means practically all of my friends will be married by the time I get home. Weird. It is cool to think about all of the young women I graduated with, that we all have gone to the temple. This week I have been reading some General Conference talks which I always enjoy, some from this conference and some from others. It has helped me realize that we have challenges for a reason to help refine us. I read the talks by Elders Christofferson and Johnson from April 2011 and also the talk by President Eyring from this past conference.  My companion is good, and living with other hermanas is fun for the most part but also a little challenging. I know the Lord is helping me to handle whatever comes my way.  One of the hermanas at the park last week said, do you know how many blessings you are going to get after the mission?  I had the feeling after I got home from BYU-Hawaii that going to BYUH was exactly what I needed to do but I didn´t know why.  Now I know why, since it helped prepare me for the mission in the DR.  The Lord has a plan for us and we have to trust in that. I am happy and healthy and chugging along in the work here. Hopefully we´ll have some baptisms in July. I love you so much and can´t wait to see your lovely faces 22 weeks from tomorrow.  Congrats on the baptism Lexxy and Happy Fathers Day again Dad. I love you a million. Love ejc

June 11, 2012

Hola from the Linda Vista...week 14!

Well, I am here now.  The baptism went well and so did the confirmation.  We had a good week and life is good.  Today we went with the district to eat pupusas.  It was good.  I did get a lovely load of mail on Friday and the package with the hymnal.  Gracias.  You are the best.  You asked in the letters if I know Hermana Perez from El Salvador that married someone in Tanner’s (Elder Thornton) ward.  Yes, I sure do!  Hermana Pastran is writing with us and she was just looking at pictures of Hermana Perez’s wedding. Small world.  Everyone knows Tanner.  So, it was a good week especially with the baptism. We had a training with the newbies on Wednesday which went fine. I really enjoyed watching the president and how he was encouraging one elder who I know has had a tough start to his mission. Really, president and his wife are just as concerned about us as our parents in this time. I love how president talks about his family and I know they have a similar relationship in their family as we do in ours. Then on Wednesday night the zone leaders sent us a text that we would be having house visits from Hermana Monestel (president’s wife) on Thursday morning.  So we did some cleaning.  I was just expecting her but president came too to look at all the houses in the zone.  They said it was clean and organized but don’t like the house.  It is pretty industrial-like but whatever.  They would like us to move so we shall see what happens in the next weeks.  The family where we eat at wants to move to a bigger house and rent us a room so that would be good but they haven’t found one.  Anyway, got to love the houses in the mission.  I am used to these houses but it is fairly bare bones, but it works for our needs.  We have a shower head which is a luxury here so whatever. Hermana Monestel said we should have something better.  Anyway, I got my lovely mail.  I got a letter from Ron Riding (Dad’s cousin) too.  He told a story about a family in his mission and how now one is a general authority.  That general authority came here in November.  I will try and send Ron the picture they gave us with us and him.  I enjoyed hearing about the growth of the church in Guatemala.  It makes me think about what will happen here in 10 or 20 or 50 years.  When Elder Nelson came he told us to write down how many stakes, missions, etc. there are here now and then watch the growth over the years.  Anyway, thanks for the mail. And as for the baptism, it was great.  It was a rainy day, but good.  I was a little worried about the investigators who had told us they would come.  We called and they said they were tired and would try to come.  I called a member and sent them over to encourage them.  When we got to the church they said they told them they would get ready and come, but still I doubted because the whole world tells us they will come to church but they don’t.  Anyway, I was thrilled to see them walk in the door.  They are people of their word and that’s what I like.  The lady who got baptized asked them when their baptism is going to be... got to love the new converts getting to work!  The lady who got baptized is awesome.  She is going to be a great member and leader.  Like I said last week, if she was the only person I saw get baptized on my mission it would be worth the 18 months.  I know this gospel is true.  I love you tons.  I know that families are forever.  Check out the song ´Today is the Day´ on the Nashville Tribute cd.  Lenny mentioned how she likes how it talks about families that won’t fade away.  I love that too.  We have a family that won’t fade away and that is the best. Well, I love you tons. This is the work of the Lord.  Tell Brittany D. congrats on the wedding.  Crazy how many people will be married by the time I get back.  Thanks for being the bestest family ever.  I hope you have a super happy Father’s Day Dad.  I sent a card last week that I hope gets there in time. Just know I will be thinking of you and that you are the bestest Dad on in the universe.  I can’t wait to see you in 16 weeks.  Good times ahead!  Well, I am signing off until next week.  Happy 15 months on Saturday and Lenny 1 year on Friday.  Celebrate for me!  I love you.  Adios!   Love, alc

P.S.  I did send photos, so enjoy.  The last one has the bishop in it.  The man that baptized the lady is a convert of about 7 months and super awesome.  Working with the two of them should get us lots of success.  Real good day!

Hi peeps...23 weeks to go!

I am on the computer now.  We went to the park as we usually do the first Monday after transfers. Things are good here- just adjusting to the new area, companion and housemates.  The house is pretty nice but kind of small.  We do have 2 bathrooms, so that’s good.  We have had some issues with the water but the landlord is dealing with that and hopefully we will get that all resolved soon and not have to fill up buckets.  We don´t have power in the morning, but whatever.  I 've been reminded why I don´t like camping. J  We have water in buckets, but there is nothing like flushing a toilet or washing your hands with running water. J  I wasn´t able to shower one day but sometimes we have had water at night.  But it´s not too bad- just another experience in the DR. J  The Eickbushes picked me and my stuff up on Tuesday morning to take me to the office.  That was nice.  We had our meetings and stuff at the office on Tuesday and met up with the newbies.  The Eickbushes were full of encouragement and that I would do great in my new area.  Hermana Hernandez (the president’s wife) saw me and said you are training again?  I think I gave her the look like yep and I am not sure about this, and she said, you can do it, which was nice.  The office elders ended up taking us to our house since they couldnt get a taxi to fit all of our stuff.  We went to the store and that was about it on Tuesday after trying to settle in.  I did spill bleach at the grocery store on my skirt so it is pretty much ruined.  On Wednesday the other hermanas who we are sharing the area with took us around to show us where people live in our area.  I really feel like I am being guided by the spirit since it was a lot of information to take in all at once.  Yesterday we decided to visit one the investigators we went to on Wednesday and I remembered the general area but it was kind of in a hidden spot not on the main road.  I decided to just head in that direction and figured I would be guided and step by step I was lead directly to their house, so that was good.  We have been finding new people and trying to visit people the other hermanas were teaching and we even had a couple of investigators at church which was good.  The hermanas had a baptism on Saturday and the president gave permission to some of the missionaries who had taught her over quite a long period of time to come to the baptism so I got to see some of the other hermanas.  I miss Gazcue and walking past the palace and the office and having water and power, but that is life in the mission.  So on Monday night I went to say goodbye to a couple of people. I barely knew these people but thought I should take a few pictures of me in Gazcue. One member we visited put on the cd of the hymns and dedicated the song to me. It was, “I´ll Go Where You Want Me to Go”.  She started crying during the song and I wasn´t sure what to do. I had only visited her a couple of times.  The bishop´s wife also got a little emotional too.  I wasn´t expecting any of that since I had been there less than 5 weeks.   I felt like I was just getting into my groove in Gazcue.  Maybe I will go back.  We are supposed to be getting microwaves and blenders this week in all of the houses which will be nice.  I got some of your letters.  I sure love you and can´t wait to see your lovely faces 23 weeks from tomorrow. I am doing good and adjusting.  One of the Dominican hermanas in the house likes to cook so I´ve been eating Dominican stuff this week and rice and stuff.  Happy Fathers Day, too, Dad!  I remember last Fathers Day at the MTC, my first Sunday in the mission.  Weird!  Hermana Mcentire and I took a picture today to commemorate one year.  I forgot my camera cord to send pictures so that will have to wait for another week.  It was great seeing the hermanas today.  They all said that I am strong and the best.  I said I dont know why you say that.  I just do my thing and sometimes I am not sure that that really is that great. I hope Grandpa had a good time in DC.  It’s crazy it is already the middle of June almost and Lexxy will be home in 3 months and a couple of weeks.  Crazy that I will hit one year on Friday!  Yay!  Thanks for all of the love and support. I hope you are all doing well.  I really love you guys so much.  I guess I should wrap up pretty soon.  I hope you have a great week.  23 weeks!!!!!! That´s half of 46!  I love you my favorite forever family!!!!!!! Love, ejc

June 4, 2012

17 weeks and counting!

So, I am here now. I got to read Elena’s letters only because the replies came through that you sent to her. That is crazy that she will be training again. So, Elena what will happen with your current companion since the training is usually 12 weeks?  Hermana Flores and I are happy here in Linda Vista until July. We are going to have a baptism this week. As for mail - I still haven’t gotten any. Well, I have had a good week. It is raining nice and hard right now. We are super excited for our baptism this week. It will be the lady that we started teaching together so it is nice to see the process from start to finish. We got her to accept the date for the 9th. I was trying to get my companion to set the date with her but then she said that I should do it since the lady likes me better. Whatever, I did it and she is going to be baptized. It is amazing, the change in her, and I get so happy as she starts talking to other people about the church and saying things like ´they call us Mormons but it is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints´ and especially when she says ´us´. She is going to be an awesome member of the church. I feel really good about her and yesterday she said she has learned lots from me. I am not sure what but I enjoyed the compliment. Who knew the chela would be a part of her life? (Chela means white girl. J My companion doesn’t really like it but I find it charming.)   We showed up at her door and 6 weeks later she will be baptized. It’s amazing. I have truly felt the joy in missionary work this week and have thought several times that if this was my only experience on the mission that 18 months would be worth it. The lady said yesterday that my mom must be proud of me. I know you are. I hope to live up to that. The lady laughed as her neighbor got baptized 6 months ago and now we are laughing as she tells us that and how she too has come to the truth. (FYI - the new North American that Hermana Pastran is training went directly to the Guatemala MTC for 6 weeks and now she is here. It is a new pilot program they are trying out. I enjoy seeing that I have made lots of progress in my Spanish in 14 months.)  Well, I will send this now just in case there are any issues with rain and power. I know the gospel is true and that this is the work of the Lord. I love you so much and can’t wait until you get to meet my people here in my land of Nicaragua.

I was off for about 20 minutes since the power went out but I am back now for my last 10 minutes. So I will send pictures next week with ones from the baptism. I am happy and doing well. I am excited to see you in 4 months... best day ever!  The road was like a river when it was raining and we were without power. Now it has stopped and we will head home and then to work in a little while. I did get my birthday goodie bag this week that they give out at changes. I have been enjoying the sweets but I’m sort of a bum about sharing...ooops. The young woman who goes out visiting with us lots ask about “sus padres” (you two) but she says “mis padres”. She says to tell you that you have another daughter in Nicaragua. Her name is Geoconda. Anyway, it has been a good week except for my moments of frustration when we are walking super slow and we need to be walking faster to get somewhere, but that’s the life. We had a good activity on Friday and the lady who is going to get baptized and others came. It was fun and there were talents so I played the piano and my companion and Geoconda sang “I Often Go Walking”. Good times!  I love you tons. Love, alc

Greetings with news from Gazcue!

Hi peeps. So we got a curve ball yesterday with transfers. We weren´t anticipating changes, but president called yesterday afternoon to tell me I would be training in Las Americas II. Las Americas is between the Parque del Este and the ocean, east of Gazcue and a little south of Mendoza... not too far. I decided not to call the other hermanas until later last night to start figuring out what was going on with transfers. Anyways, I called Hermana Domgaard and Hermana Ball to see what they knew and they were surprised with the news. I really was not prepared for this, but luckily I ate my last microwave meal today and I will leave a little popcorn for the sisters here. It´s nice knowing the president trusts in me but maybe there is something I haven´t learned yet about training. We will be sharing my new area with another hermana, who was in that area and will also be training, and the four of us will be living together...2 Dominicans, 1 Haitian, and the little Americanita.  I don´t know who my companion will be but I met both of them when we did exchanges last week and this week. Training people that speak Spanish stresses me out a little since it makes me self-conscious about my Spanish, but whatever. There are tons of hermanas who haven´t trained, so I don´t know why I am again but it will be good.  I have been packing today and we stopped by the office. We took a few pictures by the ocean since I haven´t taken many pictures these past 5 weeks. We got frozen yogurt too.  It was fun seeing the elders who will be going home tomorrow when we stopped by the office. One from Laie had a ukulele at the office so I played it for a minute but I need some practice.  I have gotten to know the more touristy part of Santo Domingo during my 5 weeks here. I had a thought in my head about the possibility of change this week but I thought it was just my imagination.  I was just starting to feel like I was getting in a groove here in Gazcue but I guess I have another adventure in store. We have been walking a ton and one night when we got home after walking quite a ways and pretty fast my shirt was super-duper sweaty since I was just dripping with sweat. I hope I still get lots of walking in my new area.  The elders had a baptism here on Saturday which was nice.  President was there and he was at church too.  The office elders are super cool so it’s a bummer I won´t get to see them as often.  I am also sad about leaving the senior couple that attends our ward. I figured out this week that the hermana reminds me a lot of Sister Burton from the 70th ward who left to serve in Nauvoo.  Elder Eickbush told me today that I would like my new area and zone and that he brings the mail out there just about every week. I love Sister Eickbush.  After the baptism on Saturday we saw them and she said, my girls, and then gave us a hug and stuff. She also gave us candy and treats and the banana bread Elder Eickbush makes.  This week at church there were some people from Utah that are here for some exchange program at the university here.  One introduced herself to me and I started to say, “I´m Elena” but I stopped and said “Hermana Cottam”...funny.  It’s also funny that Lexxy said she is a rebel and doesn´t decorate her planners.  I was for the first few transfers, but now I enjoy it and seeing the pictures all the time.  My next one will be one with a picture of the Greens, then one with our family photo, and then one maybe with a jumping picture of Lexxy and me in Alaska with a quote from the Liahona that says, “hold on a little longer”.  J  Good times!  Also a random thing... lots of people say “bye, mi amor”... kind of like “honey” in the states.  But I was thinking how Grandpa Mullen always said, “bye my love”.   We finally got one of our investigators to church yesterday which was nice. It will be good to have another area in the mission since I was hoping to finish with more than 2 areas.  I should be in my new area for 2 transfers and then who knows where for my last 2?  It is weird going from one extreme of being in an area for 8 and half months and then only 5 weeks in another.  It is possible I could finish now in Las Americas.  At least the other hermana that is training can show us around the area and knows how to get places and stuff.  I hope you all are doing well.  Have a great week and I will let you know how everything goes this week in the new area when I email next week. I love you guys a million and thanks for all of the lovely mail and letters and stuff.  You are the bestest and I can´t wait for 24 weeks from tomorrow when I will give you the biggest hug ever!!!! Love you tons, ejc