July 16, 2012

Linda Vista Week 19

Hi!  I am here too but I am on a super slow computer.  I am doing well.  Well, I’m still here in my lovely Linda Vista.  I thought I was going to leave here but no...Hermana Flores had changes and I stayed, which was the opposite of what everyone thought would happen.  I was getting all ready to pack up my stuff and sent two envelopes with letters in them home.  They called on Tuesday at about 11 and told my comp that she had changes...not what we were expecting but I am happy here in Linda Vista.  I am with my new companion, Hermana Rivera, from El Salvador who has 13 months in the mission.  She is cool.  I think she is from the Stake Ilopango or something like that.  I think Tanner might have been in that stake.  (Now I only need a Costa Rican companion to have one from all the countries in Central America.)  It will be interesting if I stay and finish here or if I go somewhere new for my next change.  My new companion has a special assignment right now to train the sisters so we will be doing divisions every week and travelling to other areas.  I will come back the same day to work in our area with the junior comp of the other companionship.  It should be cool except I am sort of responsible for the area since she will be coming and going.  I will get to go back to Masatepe since that is one of the areas my companion is in charge of.  Tomorrow we will be going to Granada.  All the places we go are about an hour away so I will be on buses lots.  But anyway, I am doing good.  Happy 16 months today ...crazy how fast the time goes and only 11 weeks to go.  Since there are 30 of us leaving in October they will probably do the exit interviews on Monday during the day.  Then on Wednesday, after the meeting with all the changes where we bear our testimonies, we will go to lunch and maybe Masaya to buy souvenirs (that’s what they did this week), eat dinner, and go to the president’s house. It’s crazy how fast that will be here.  I got 3 packages this week (no letters) - 2 from you with the hymnal and sunblock and one from Grandma Harvey.  Thanks pranks!  Today I read a talk from Elder Ballard from May 2010 about mothers and daughters.  Gotta love mi madre, (y padre, y hermana).  This morning my companion had some Spanish music on and the other day I had recognized the tune but I couldn’t place what song it was in English.  Today I made the connection.  It was “Well Done” in Spanish. J  One of the new elders is from the DR, I think somewhere near Mendoza like Santa Mayor, but I felt a connection to him just knowing he was from the DR.  I can’t wait to bring you all to my part of the world.  Anyway, life is going well.  I really feel excited to work and give it all these last weeks and I am also less stressed about things that used to stress me, just knowing that I will only be doing this for a short time more.  Knowing that my time will come to an end shortly makes me more willing to give it all.  It is great being a missionary.  The convert of last month is now a counselor in the Relief Society and yesterday she conducted the meeting ...loved seeing that!  I was thinking yesterday how odd it will be to be in a church meeting all in English...crazy adjustments ahead.  Sorry I didn’t send pictures but I will next week ...11 more Mondays. J  We had some success with investigators at church yesterday so hopefully we will get some people baptized this change.  The gospel is true.  Well, I am off but I love you tons.  You are the bestest.  Have a great week.  Can’t wait to see you sooooo soon.   ...and I did have a Fanta for breakfast - practically orange juice.  I call it Fanta orange juice. J  Adios my friends.  Love your nica daughter, alc

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