July 2, 2012

Greetings from the DR!

So we just got back to our area after a lovely BBQ at the office with the hermanas and a couple of zones.  I love the Eickbushes!  She gave me a big hug and said she feels like mom.  I will sure miss them in November but then I will have my real family back.  It’s been a good week.  I got my package today with the new skirt that looks perfect.  Thanks and thanks for all the other stuff too.  I got lots of letters this week so it was good.  When I was doing an exchange with another hermana in another area this week they had a quote on their wall that said, “podemos quedarnos en la cama y seguir soñando o levantarnos y vivir nuestros sueños”. Me gusta eso/I like that! ...We can stay in bed and keep dreaming or get up and live our dreams. Live your dreams Lexxy and maybe you can take the controls of Air Force One when I live my dream of being president.  I hope you are doing well and have a good week with birthdays and fireworks, etc.  I am doing good here.  I am pretty sure I am wrapping up week 46 since I left the MTC.  Cool beans!  ...4 Fast Sundays, 2 planners to decorate (since I decorated mine for next transfer yesterday), and 1 interview with president to go.  See you in 20 weeks.  We had interviews with president this week which was good. Hermana Hernandez talked about dental care since she is a hygienist.  Good thing I have my dental appointment in November. :)  It was good to be reminded of things we can do better and make some changes.  I got some good letters from you and feel like I need to live up to all the stuff you say about me about being diligent and obedient.  I have more resolve to do better.  We did exchanges with the hermanas on Friday.  I went to lotes y servicios which was fun.  I was with a Guatemalan hermana. I felt right at home there even though it was a new place.  I slept soooo good there since they have gotten their new mattresses. I was thinking about how good I will sleep in my “marshmallow” bed. :)  It was also the first time I slept with a mosquito net.  When we were on the bus to do exchanges we drove past Mendoza and I saw someone from the bus I know.  It was so nice seeing Mendoza.  I also saw a member while we were waiting for the other hermanas and we were so happy to see each other.  It will be a great day to come back with you guys and see my peeps.  We are still teaching a woman and kids and they are so cute.  The little boy gives me high fives and gets a chair out for me when we come by and then gives me a hug when we leave and sometimes starts crying when I go down the stairs.  Hopefully we can get them baptized this month.  We also have an investigator that was meeting with the missionaries a year ago but now feels ready to be baptized.  He needs to come to church a few more times but he is  great and will be a great missionary someday.  I also contacted a guy from North Carolina who was here visiting his wife´s family. He is a marine and worked at the embassy a few years ago.  It is weird how you feel a connection with someone from your own country even though we didn´t talk much.  It´s been a good week.  I had a little bit of a fever and wasn´t feeling great so I slept it off and we kept working for the most part.  I am feeling better now.  My favorite scripture for the moment is D & C 64: 33-34.  I hope Dad has a good birthday and Happy Birthday Bishop Evans and America.  I was thinking how yesterday it had been 6 years since Grandma Laurel slipped away from us into the eternities.  Even though I haven´t had a specific experience with feeling the presence of angels, I know I have some guiding me and keeping me safe. I sure love my forever family. I will try to send some photos from Gazcue and the last park p-day and from my 1 year mark.  Enjoy!  I love you guys sooooooooooooooooooooooo much!  Have a great birthday Dad!
Love you all, ejc

P.S. I had a couple of extra minutes to send a few more photos.  I couldn´t find a Fanta on my one year mark so I drank an orange flavored Red Rock, which is good since I like red...mmm.  The picture of the sky was on the morning of my one year mark.

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