July 23, 2012

Happy Monday, July 23rd ...me faltan 10 semanas

Well, I have had a fantastic week.  First I had to get to know my companion but now we are just laughing all the time.  This is going to be a really good change these next few weeks.  We both say we´d like to stay together until October but who knows.  I love this salvadoreña.  We have a man to baptize on Friday, on his birthday, so that will be good.  We had a new family at church and another couple of guys came for the second time.  One I contacted a while back and now we are seeing more of a change in him.  He is struggling with coffee but Saturday and Sunday he didn’t drink any.  Yesterday when we saw him after church I felt so good when he said, ´Me gusta la iglesia.  Encuentro paz allí´ or “I like the church. I find peace there.”  I really sometimes wonder what people think when we bring them to church since for me it is something I have always done and I feel good there but it’s not different.  But for these people that come off the street it is a different world.  I was thinking how great it would be to see this man blessing the sacrament in a couple of weeks.  Anyway, I am really a happy camper and I love Hermana Rivera.  We just laugh and laugh all day long and are really happy.  She said one night this is the funnest planning session I have had in a while.  I think she just gets me and my sense of humor.  This week we went to get our clothes from the lady that washes them and on the way home we were contacting with the bags of clothes with us.  This one man asked us if we sell clothes too...funny!  It was weird today when my companion asked what a day in my life was before the mission - I talked about my tutor job and she asked how much I made - 10 dollars an hour.  She said when she worked in a factory during the day and they made 6 dollars per day and at night 7.  Crazy how different the world is and how spoiled we are.  I can’t believe how fast the time is going.  I am happy and doing really good.  We did divisions with the sisters in Granada this week.  I was with a newer norte so we had fun “Englishing it up”.  Granada is a nice touristy place from what I saw of it in the bus and walking to and from the bus place. I can’t wait to bring you here... love my Nicaragua.  I am glad you got my flight plans and that is good that I only have to go through Atlanta...can’t wait to see you on Oct 4th.  Until then it will be fun working with Hermana Rivera.  Here are pictures of the two of us.  I have others but I will send them next week.  At least you’ll know who my companion is.  I haven’t gotten any new mail...hopefully this week and maybe my travel plans too.  That is exciting...crazy how fast this is going but I am really enjoying myself.  The gospel is true. I know it.  Adios and happy pioneer day.  I love you sooo much.  Love, alc

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