July 16, 2012

more from the little DR missionary

Hi peeps!  No changes for me this transfer which is what we thought since we are training.  We went and visited this guy this week who had had contact with the church as a kid or teenager and now he is evangelical.  I try to avoid confrontation and usually just invite to church and try not to disturb the peace. J  My companion likes to try and share but it didn’t go well with him.  Anyways, after the visit with this guy, we ended up having 2 cool lessons with 2 newer investigators that I am excited about. One came to church yesterday for part of it so that was cool. Also at church all of the youth spoke about their experiences at EFY that they had a couple of weeks ago. It was cool hearing them talk and bear their testimonies and to know that they have those same experiences at camp and youth conferences as we do. I was also thinking about when I went to EFY and was a wreck and wanted to call every five seconds and then went to girls’ camp the next week. I think it was Barb Layton who was our leader and I remember her asking the question, “What was the hardest thing we´d ever done?”, and I remember thinking it was those 2 weeks being away from home.  Yesterday I was thinking about how far Alexis and I have come.  There is still stress and hard things in the mission but I am a lot better at handling it all now.  It´s amazing what 10 years and lots of experiences and preparing can do.  So we´ve had a good week.  A few days we walked and walked looking for people to teach but that happens sometimes.  Sometimes when we are walking I start to imagine the walk in Phoenix when I will see you at the end of the terminal.  Then I smile to myself and think what a great moment that will be.  Good news....avocados and mangos are back in season!  Yay!  I have been enjoying avocado sandwiches at night the last couple of nights!    Elder Eickbush came in on Thursday with the mail and he had like 4 packages and letters and stuff.  One of the elders was giving me a hard time and that it was probably all for me.  It turned out the packages weren´t but I did get some lovely dearelders and a letter from Lexxy.  Thanks for the mail that I always know is coming.  I had a lovely exchange with Hermana Avery in Mendoza this week.  I kind of felt like I was coming home, walking those same streets I walked for so long and seeing the people I always saw.  One member said, “Are going to finish your mission here?” and I said that I would like to but I don´t know ...probably not.  They had a baptism in Mendoza on Saturday and it was great to see my dear Mendoza. Hermanas Ball and Domgaard came over the morning I was there, to help with a service project.  We were painting a school of a less active sister.  There wasn´t a lot of supplies to paint with, so Hermana Domgaard and I ended up chatting and supervising. J  Hermana Ball is the artistic one anyway.  Thanks for sending the birthday packages to them.  Anyways, it was great in Mendoza.  I didn´t visit all of my peeps since that wasn´t the point of the exchange, but I did get big hugs from some of them.  I even got to use the cup I always drank out of in Mendoza. J ... gotta love that!  I only have half of the time I was in Mendoza left in my mission ...weird.   Alexis has 16 months!  Wowzers!  Good times ahead.  Well, I am about out of time. I know you´ll get my other emails eventually.  Lexxy, you are super cool!   I will be with you ...well, 18 weeks from tomorrow ...crazy.  I have the best family ever!!!!!   ...until next week.  Love, ejc

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