June 25, 2012


I got the email from Elena with Chessy’s picture...funny!  I am doing good.  We didn´t end up having a baptism this week but hopefully soon.  We were happy and the elders were too, since finally we had a family in church yesterday.  Today we went with the zone to the national palace and museum and a cathedral.  It was cool.  Then we went and ate at a Mexican type restaurant and I had a taco salad.  It was good.  I will try and send some pictures. 

I had an interesting experience yesterday.  At lunch we sat down to eat and it was rice, salad and some piece of meat.  I thought about asking what it was but I decided to eat it and then ask...good choice.  It was sort of beef like and almost had a prime rib texture but there was an outer layer that I wasn’t sure about.  Anyway, the little Hermana Cottam ate it all up and then when I finished I asked what it was.  COW TONGUE.  Good thing I didn’t know what it was before hand or it would have been an effort to down it.  Actually it wasn’t that bad and now I can say I have eaten tongue. Hopefully it was a one-time experience.  I got mail this week which was good.  Anyway, we are doing good here.  Our convert is doing good and the Bishop has recommended her for the calling of seminary teacher.  So that will be cool.  It’s quite a large calling for less than a month in the church but it will be good.  We have a new ward mission leader who is great.  He is a convert of about 8 months.  He is great and ready to work.  He brought all three of the investigators we had in church yesterday.  I am happy and really don’t want to leave this area but who knows what will happen in 2 weeks?  I read an old Liahona this week that had the biographies of Elders Uchtdorf and Bednar when they were new apostles and then I had thoughts that maybe I want to be a pilot when I grow up.  I really want to fly that 747 to London and back.  Funny girl, Elena that would be cool if you were president in 20 years.  Maybe if I am a pilot I can fly your Air Force One 747.  Well, who knows what I will do but whatever?   Something else I enjoy seeing is a Tiburon that is on our street.  It is burgundy with a spoiler but I enjoy seeing a Tib...can’t wait to drive.  Hopefully I will be able to leave the house when I get home and not just sit around watching TV and looking at polls on the internet.  Ha ha ha.  It hasn’t rained too much this week.  (I did wear my boots this week but it was only cloudy for about an hour that day and then the rest of the day I walked around with my boots on ...not cool.)  I did send a birthday card to Dad last week and have letters written to mail.  I am a slacker in the mail department but I will hopefully have more time one of these weeks to write.  But you will see my lovely face in 14 weeks.  Crazy!  The time will go by fast.  Life is good as usual.  We are doing good and I will try not to eat too much cow tongue.  (Maybe I can cook it for you when I get back.)  I am happy.  The gospel is true.  I love you soooooooo much.  You are the bestest family ever.  Love, alc
P.S.  Here are more photos. Good thing my camera decided to work today. I hope you like the next to the last photo with the Republica Dominicana.  It had all the country names of Central and South America and the Caribbean.  It was nice and sunny today.  

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