June 4, 2012

17 weeks and counting!

So, I am here now. I got to read Elena’s letters only because the replies came through that you sent to her. That is crazy that she will be training again. So, Elena what will happen with your current companion since the training is usually 12 weeks?  Hermana Flores and I are happy here in Linda Vista until July. We are going to have a baptism this week. As for mail - I still haven’t gotten any. Well, I have had a good week. It is raining nice and hard right now. We are super excited for our baptism this week. It will be the lady that we started teaching together so it is nice to see the process from start to finish. We got her to accept the date for the 9th. I was trying to get my companion to set the date with her but then she said that I should do it since the lady likes me better. Whatever, I did it and she is going to be baptized. It is amazing, the change in her, and I get so happy as she starts talking to other people about the church and saying things like ´they call us Mormons but it is the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints´ and especially when she says ´us´. She is going to be an awesome member of the church. I feel really good about her and yesterday she said she has learned lots from me. I am not sure what but I enjoyed the compliment. Who knew the chela would be a part of her life? (Chela means white girl. J My companion doesn’t really like it but I find it charming.)   We showed up at her door and 6 weeks later she will be baptized. It’s amazing. I have truly felt the joy in missionary work this week and have thought several times that if this was my only experience on the mission that 18 months would be worth it. The lady said yesterday that my mom must be proud of me. I know you are. I hope to live up to that. The lady laughed as her neighbor got baptized 6 months ago and now we are laughing as she tells us that and how she too has come to the truth. (FYI - the new North American that Hermana Pastran is training went directly to the Guatemala MTC for 6 weeks and now she is here. It is a new pilot program they are trying out. I enjoy seeing that I have made lots of progress in my Spanish in 14 months.)  Well, I will send this now just in case there are any issues with rain and power. I know the gospel is true and that this is the work of the Lord. I love you so much and can’t wait until you get to meet my people here in my land of Nicaragua.

I was off for about 20 minutes since the power went out but I am back now for my last 10 minutes. So I will send pictures next week with ones from the baptism. I am happy and doing well. I am excited to see you in 4 months... best day ever!  The road was like a river when it was raining and we were without power. Now it has stopped and we will head home and then to work in a little while. I did get my birthday goodie bag this week that they give out at changes. I have been enjoying the sweets but I’m sort of a bum about sharing...ooops. The young woman who goes out visiting with us lots ask about “sus padres” (you two) but she says “mis padres”. She says to tell you that you have another daughter in Nicaragua. Her name is Geoconda. Anyway, it has been a good week except for my moments of frustration when we are walking super slow and we need to be walking faster to get somewhere, but that’s the life. We had a good activity on Friday and the lady who is going to get baptized and others came. It was fun and there were talents so I played the piano and my companion and Geoconda sang “I Often Go Walking”. Good times!  I love you tons. Love, alc

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