June 11, 2012

Hola from the Linda Vista...week 14!

Well, I am here now.  The baptism went well and so did the confirmation.  We had a good week and life is good.  Today we went with the district to eat pupusas.  It was good.  I did get a lovely load of mail on Friday and the package with the hymnal.  Gracias.  You are the best.  You asked in the letters if I know Hermana Perez from El Salvador that married someone in Tanner’s (Elder Thornton) ward.  Yes, I sure do!  Hermana Pastran is writing with us and she was just looking at pictures of Hermana Perez’s wedding. Small world.  Everyone knows Tanner.  So, it was a good week especially with the baptism. We had a training with the newbies on Wednesday which went fine. I really enjoyed watching the president and how he was encouraging one elder who I know has had a tough start to his mission. Really, president and his wife are just as concerned about us as our parents in this time. I love how president talks about his family and I know they have a similar relationship in their family as we do in ours. Then on Wednesday night the zone leaders sent us a text that we would be having house visits from Hermana Monestel (president’s wife) on Thursday morning.  So we did some cleaning.  I was just expecting her but president came too to look at all the houses in the zone.  They said it was clean and organized but don’t like the house.  It is pretty industrial-like but whatever.  They would like us to move so we shall see what happens in the next weeks.  The family where we eat at wants to move to a bigger house and rent us a room so that would be good but they haven’t found one.  Anyway, got to love the houses in the mission.  I am used to these houses but it is fairly bare bones, but it works for our needs.  We have a shower head which is a luxury here so whatever. Hermana Monestel said we should have something better.  Anyway, I got my lovely mail.  I got a letter from Ron Riding (Dad’s cousin) too.  He told a story about a family in his mission and how now one is a general authority.  That general authority came here in November.  I will try and send Ron the picture they gave us with us and him.  I enjoyed hearing about the growth of the church in Guatemala.  It makes me think about what will happen here in 10 or 20 or 50 years.  When Elder Nelson came he told us to write down how many stakes, missions, etc. there are here now and then watch the growth over the years.  Anyway, thanks for the mail. And as for the baptism, it was great.  It was a rainy day, but good.  I was a little worried about the investigators who had told us they would come.  We called and they said they were tired and would try to come.  I called a member and sent them over to encourage them.  When we got to the church they said they told them they would get ready and come, but still I doubted because the whole world tells us they will come to church but they don’t.  Anyway, I was thrilled to see them walk in the door.  They are people of their word and that’s what I like.  The lady who got baptized asked them when their baptism is going to be... got to love the new converts getting to work!  The lady who got baptized is awesome.  She is going to be a great member and leader.  Like I said last week, if she was the only person I saw get baptized on my mission it would be worth the 18 months.  I know this gospel is true.  I love you tons.  I know that families are forever.  Check out the song ´Today is the Day´ on the Nashville Tribute cd.  Lenny mentioned how she likes how it talks about families that won’t fade away.  I love that too.  We have a family that won’t fade away and that is the best. Well, I love you tons. This is the work of the Lord.  Tell Brittany D. congrats on the wedding.  Crazy how many people will be married by the time I get back.  Thanks for being the bestest family ever.  I hope you have a super happy Father’s Day Dad.  I sent a card last week that I hope gets there in time. Just know I will be thinking of you and that you are the bestest Dad on in the universe.  I can’t wait to see you in 16 weeks.  Good times ahead!  Well, I am signing off until next week.  Happy 15 months on Saturday and Lenny 1 year on Friday.  Celebrate for me!  I love you.  Adios!   Love, alc

P.S.  I did send photos, so enjoy.  The last one has the bishop in it.  The man that baptized the lady is a convert of about 7 months and super awesome.  Working with the two of them should get us lots of success.  Real good day!

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