June 18, 2012

22 weeks to go!

Hi.  We just finished eating at Pizza Hut...mmm. We have been walking a lot today trying to find shoes and backpacks for my companion and another hermana.  We saw some of the other hermanas today which was fun.  We were late getting to Pizza Hut so we didn´t eat with them as they were almost done. It’s been a good week.  We found 16 new investigators which was really high. We´ll find out this week and next if we can get anywhere with them. We had a few people at church so that was good. The other new hermana in the house asked if I had a temple recommend holder with something cool on it. She wanted to trade but I had the same one she has from the DR temple.  The other hermana in the house has pins on her bag from her companions and said we could add to her collection.  I am settling in here in the area. The water got fixed last week so that was good.  I don´t think it is 100 percent resolved but for the most part we have running water. I thought a lot about you Dad yesterday.  I am working on a birthday letter for you this week that I hope will get there for your birthday.  I remember my first Sunday in the MTC and it being Father´s Day (like Jason G. yesterday).  Next Father´s Day I will be with you. :) I love you and all of my dearest family.  We got our microwave and blender and sandwich toaster thing this week. Yay...which we can use when we have power.  They are still working on getting the generators.  Maybe by the time I finish the mission.  :)  My companion has been teaching me some Creole since we are teaching a few Haitians. I think I better just stick with Spanish but it is kind of fun. I had a good 1 year mark and crazy that Lexxy has 15 months. It is practically July and then summer will be practically over. One night our neighbors had music on or the Disney channel or something and I heard the Miley Cyrus song, “The Climb”.   Good times! Can´t wait to jam out with you all to my favorite tunes. That is crazy that Dallyn is expecting and Brittany getting married, which means practically all of my friends will be married by the time I get home. Weird. It is cool to think about all of the young women I graduated with, that we all have gone to the temple. This week I have been reading some General Conference talks which I always enjoy, some from this conference and some from others. It has helped me realize that we have challenges for a reason to help refine us. I read the talks by Elders Christofferson and Johnson from April 2011 and also the talk by President Eyring from this past conference.  My companion is good, and living with other hermanas is fun for the most part but also a little challenging. I know the Lord is helping me to handle whatever comes my way.  One of the hermanas at the park last week said, do you know how many blessings you are going to get after the mission?  I had the feeling after I got home from BYU-Hawaii that going to BYUH was exactly what I needed to do but I didn´t know why.  Now I know why, since it helped prepare me for the mission in the DR.  The Lord has a plan for us and we have to trust in that. I am happy and healthy and chugging along in the work here. Hopefully we´ll have some baptisms in July. I love you so much and can´t wait to see your lovely faces 22 weeks from tomorrow.  Congrats on the baptism Lexxy and Happy Fathers Day again Dad. I love you a million. Love ejc

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