June 11, 2012

Hi peeps...23 weeks to go!

I am on the computer now.  We went to the park as we usually do the first Monday after transfers. Things are good here- just adjusting to the new area, companion and housemates.  The house is pretty nice but kind of small.  We do have 2 bathrooms, so that’s good.  We have had some issues with the water but the landlord is dealing with that and hopefully we will get that all resolved soon and not have to fill up buckets.  We don´t have power in the morning, but whatever.  I 've been reminded why I don´t like camping. J  We have water in buckets, but there is nothing like flushing a toilet or washing your hands with running water. J  I wasn´t able to shower one day but sometimes we have had water at night.  But it´s not too bad- just another experience in the DR. J  The Eickbushes picked me and my stuff up on Tuesday morning to take me to the office.  That was nice.  We had our meetings and stuff at the office on Tuesday and met up with the newbies.  The Eickbushes were full of encouragement and that I would do great in my new area.  Hermana Hernandez (the president’s wife) saw me and said you are training again?  I think I gave her the look like yep and I am not sure about this, and she said, you can do it, which was nice.  The office elders ended up taking us to our house since they couldnt get a taxi to fit all of our stuff.  We went to the store and that was about it on Tuesday after trying to settle in.  I did spill bleach at the grocery store on my skirt so it is pretty much ruined.  On Wednesday the other hermanas who we are sharing the area with took us around to show us where people live in our area.  I really feel like I am being guided by the spirit since it was a lot of information to take in all at once.  Yesterday we decided to visit one the investigators we went to on Wednesday and I remembered the general area but it was kind of in a hidden spot not on the main road.  I decided to just head in that direction and figured I would be guided and step by step I was lead directly to their house, so that was good.  We have been finding new people and trying to visit people the other hermanas were teaching and we even had a couple of investigators at church which was good.  The hermanas had a baptism on Saturday and the president gave permission to some of the missionaries who had taught her over quite a long period of time to come to the baptism so I got to see some of the other hermanas.  I miss Gazcue and walking past the palace and the office and having water and power, but that is life in the mission.  So on Monday night I went to say goodbye to a couple of people. I barely knew these people but thought I should take a few pictures of me in Gazcue. One member we visited put on the cd of the hymns and dedicated the song to me. It was, “I´ll Go Where You Want Me to Go”.  She started crying during the song and I wasn´t sure what to do. I had only visited her a couple of times.  The bishop´s wife also got a little emotional too.  I wasn´t expecting any of that since I had been there less than 5 weeks.   I felt like I was just getting into my groove in Gazcue.  Maybe I will go back.  We are supposed to be getting microwaves and blenders this week in all of the houses which will be nice.  I got some of your letters.  I sure love you and can´t wait to see your lovely faces 23 weeks from tomorrow. I am doing good and adjusting.  One of the Dominican hermanas in the house likes to cook so I´ve been eating Dominican stuff this week and rice and stuff.  Happy Fathers Day, too, Dad!  I remember last Fathers Day at the MTC, my first Sunday in the mission.  Weird!  Hermana Mcentire and I took a picture today to commemorate one year.  I forgot my camera cord to send pictures so that will have to wait for another week.  It was great seeing the hermanas today.  They all said that I am strong and the best.  I said I dont know why you say that.  I just do my thing and sometimes I am not sure that that really is that great. I hope Grandpa had a good time in DC.  It’s crazy it is already the middle of June almost and Lexxy will be home in 3 months and a couple of weeks.  Crazy that I will hit one year on Friday!  Yay!  Thanks for all of the love and support. I hope you are all doing well.  I really love you guys so much.  I guess I should wrap up pretty soon.  I hope you have a great week.  23 weeks!!!!!! That´s half of 46!  I love you my favorite forever family!!!!!!! Love, ejc

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