June 4, 2012

Greetings with news from Gazcue!

Hi peeps. So we got a curve ball yesterday with transfers. We weren´t anticipating changes, but president called yesterday afternoon to tell me I would be training in Las Americas II. Las Americas is between the Parque del Este and the ocean, east of Gazcue and a little south of Mendoza... not too far. I decided not to call the other hermanas until later last night to start figuring out what was going on with transfers. Anyways, I called Hermana Domgaard and Hermana Ball to see what they knew and they were surprised with the news. I really was not prepared for this, but luckily I ate my last microwave meal today and I will leave a little popcorn for the sisters here. It´s nice knowing the president trusts in me but maybe there is something I haven´t learned yet about training. We will be sharing my new area with another hermana, who was in that area and will also be training, and the four of us will be living together...2 Dominicans, 1 Haitian, and the little Americanita.  I don´t know who my companion will be but I met both of them when we did exchanges last week and this week. Training people that speak Spanish stresses me out a little since it makes me self-conscious about my Spanish, but whatever. There are tons of hermanas who haven´t trained, so I don´t know why I am again but it will be good.  I have been packing today and we stopped by the office. We took a few pictures by the ocean since I haven´t taken many pictures these past 5 weeks. We got frozen yogurt too.  It was fun seeing the elders who will be going home tomorrow when we stopped by the office. One from Laie had a ukulele at the office so I played it for a minute but I need some practice.  I have gotten to know the more touristy part of Santo Domingo during my 5 weeks here. I had a thought in my head about the possibility of change this week but I thought it was just my imagination.  I was just starting to feel like I was getting in a groove here in Gazcue but I guess I have another adventure in store. We have been walking a ton and one night when we got home after walking quite a ways and pretty fast my shirt was super-duper sweaty since I was just dripping with sweat. I hope I still get lots of walking in my new area.  The elders had a baptism here on Saturday which was nice.  President was there and he was at church too.  The office elders are super cool so it’s a bummer I won´t get to see them as often.  I am also sad about leaving the senior couple that attends our ward. I figured out this week that the hermana reminds me a lot of Sister Burton from the 70th ward who left to serve in Nauvoo.  Elder Eickbush told me today that I would like my new area and zone and that he brings the mail out there just about every week. I love Sister Eickbush.  After the baptism on Saturday we saw them and she said, my girls, and then gave us a hug and stuff. She also gave us candy and treats and the banana bread Elder Eickbush makes.  This week at church there were some people from Utah that are here for some exchange program at the university here.  One introduced herself to me and I started to say, “I´m Elena” but I stopped and said “Hermana Cottam”...funny.  It’s also funny that Lexxy said she is a rebel and doesn´t decorate her planners.  I was for the first few transfers, but now I enjoy it and seeing the pictures all the time.  My next one will be one with a picture of the Greens, then one with our family photo, and then one maybe with a jumping picture of Lexxy and me in Alaska with a quote from the Liahona that says, “hold on a little longer”.  J  Good times!  Also a random thing... lots of people say “bye, mi amor”... kind of like “honey” in the states.  But I was thinking how Grandpa Mullen always said, “bye my love”.   We finally got one of our investigators to church yesterday which was nice. It will be good to have another area in the mission since I was hoping to finish with more than 2 areas.  I should be in my new area for 2 transfers and then who knows where for my last 2?  It is weird going from one extreme of being in an area for 8 and half months and then only 5 weeks in another.  It is possible I could finish now in Las Americas.  At least the other hermana that is training can show us around the area and knows how to get places and stuff.  I hope you all are doing well.  Have a great week and I will let you know how everything goes this week in the new area when I email next week. I love you guys a million and thanks for all of the lovely mail and letters and stuff.  You are the bestest and I can´t wait for 24 weeks from tomorrow when I will give you the biggest hug ever!!!! Love you tons, ejc

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