May 28, 2012

More from the nica!

So I am here too. We played volleyball this morning and then went and ate at Hamburloca. I had a chicken burrito and it was good. I haven’t got any mail this week. The zone leaders have the bag but the lock got changed and they haven’t been able to open it. Anyway, now we are just writing and off to buy a few things and then off to work.  Last Memorial Day I was in Masatepe.  I remembered this morning it was Memorial Day.  I can’t wait for the Memorial Day concert next year.  Anyway, I am doing real good. We are hoping for lots of success in June.  It has been a good week.  We are working with these same 3 people that we have been working with for several weeks.  We just need to finish teaching a few more things.  Only one got to church yesterday because it started raining at 9:30 and the others were ready but didn’t go out in the rain.  Sister Sutherland and I were on divisions on Friday and there was a Relief Society activity.  We went to get some people to go.  It was a little cloudy but that is normal these days and we went.  We got to the bus stop and it was quite windy but still no water. We waited and it just started dumping rain and thundering and lightning.  We huddled under a little roof but it was so windy that we just got soaked.  The lightning was super close and hit a power line close by.  Anyway, it was a memory and we all ended up just going home. Hopefully we can get them to the Mother’s Day activity on Friday instead. (Nicaraguan Mother’s Day is on the 30th.)  The other night I thought maybe I should top off the water jug in the bathroom and good thing, since there was no water on Sunday morning...quiet helps from the spirit.  I got to try a traditional dish on Sunday that I hadn’t had before... bahu.  It is beef with yucca, and plantains and cabbage salad. It was good. I also learned a new Spanish word in my book this week – tutear, which means to treat in the tu form (not usted).  I also used my other glasses yesterday since my favorites have a spot on them where the film layer is coming off.  It is getting bigger and bigger but whatever. I have spare pairs, but you know me and how I don’t like change.  Well, last night I wrote in my new agenda that it is number 10 of 12 transfers and it sort of hit me that my time is running out.  I need to make the most of these last 18 weeks. I can’t believe it.  (Elena, good job with the tie-dye and plaid!  And just so you know... I am a rebel and don’t decorate my planners J but yours look cool from what I can see. Anyway, have a good week crazy girl.)  I got to tell one of our investigators that my sister is studying law, so that was a good connection. They made us dinner last night. They compliment me on my Spanish so that makes me happy too. Well, I love you tons my friends. You are the bestest family in the universe. Mahalo.  I hope you are taking good care of my cat, Mr. Socks.  There are lots of cats and dogs here too.  Sometimes I think of seeing my precious little cat and how great that will be. But even better will be seeing you people in 4 short months. That will be awesome.  Well, I am off now. I better go. I love you tons and have a happy Memorial Day, Nicaraguan Mother’s Day, and happy June.  I am doing well and I’m healthy and happy.  The gospel is true.  Love, your nica sister and daughter, alc

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Chelsea Owens said...

Alexis is so funny. Oh I miss that girl. :)