May 21, 2012

Hola...Week 11 in Linda Vista

So, we have had a good week. We have several people now that have been coming to church. We have visited them several times and I knew that we really needed to talk to them about baptism so that they clearly understand why we are here. So we did. I was super nervous and I think it is just because I love them and I didn’t want to be rejected.  I was just really happy afterwards and that night and I enjoyed listening to my song ´the hardest thing I ever loved to do´ and the part that talks about seeing people you love get dressed in white. That will be an awesome day when they get baptized. I hope real soon. The next day one thanked us lots and told us how they admire us and how we have really helped them when they needed it. The part I am most happy about is that these are people who will stay in the church because none of them are going to get baptized just because someone told them to. Anyway, it has been a good week. I remember Elder Martino said that people say they admire our service and how it would help their church so much if their youth went on missions. I think he quoted an apostle saying that the two things people most admire about the church are tithing and missionary work and that when they asked other church`s leaders why they don’t do it, they said that their members wouldn’t do it.
Two Spanish words for the week ..... “patent leather” is “charol” and “tuxedo” is “el smoking”.  I sweat soooo much here... like yesterday, I got to church after we had walked several miles passing by everyone’s houses and my back was super wet. I drink quite a bit of water and people say that is why I don’t gain weight since I sweat so much. Who knows?  As for p-day, we played with water balloons with the zone and then went to Pizza Hut...mmmm. My friend Hermana Pastran will be training starting next week so that will be cool to have a newbie in the zone. Chessy said she knows a sister that is coming, maybe it will be her. But really, life is going well and I can’t believe I hit 14 months. The time is going by fast. I am starting to get that feeling like my time is running out and that I need to get these people baptized. I only have 4 months to do it. It is a bitter sweet feeling-excited to see all my favorite people at home but sad to leave my people here. Yes, we will be visiting these people when we come back no matter what happens. Anyway, the gospel is true. I am glad Max´s baptism went well. I did get a ton of letters this week and a package from Grandma Harvey and two from you. Thanks for everything. I didn’t have time to write today so I apologize for the lack of letters and I will try to respond next week.  Please thank Grandma, Kelsey, Chelsea, Jacque, Brittany, Greens, Gehrings, and Mary & Tom and hopefully I´ll respond next week.  The elders always say, “She has a year in the mission and she still gets tons of mail”... gotta love having the best mailers on planet Earth at home.  Tell Annika happy birthday. I sent her a card last week that hopefully she will get.  Life is going well.  I love my rain coat (my capote) and I wore it on Saturday, so that was exciting.  It rains on and off and is unpredictable so I don’t usually wear my boots. I am wearing them right now since my tennis shoes got wet at the water balloon deal today.  Have a happy week.  I love you sooooooooo much my forever family. You are the bestest.  Adios.  Love, alc

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