May 14, 2012

week 39 in the mission field... 27 to go

I am on the computer now. We´ve had a pretty good p-day. We printed our emails, walked down to the office and I picked up a couple of letters. The Eickbushes gave us some popcorn and candy. I sure love them. Elder Eickbush gave us banana bread last Thursday that was real scrumptious. Then we walked down to the grocery store and a place to print pictures. I printed a few of people in Mendoza that I will write notes on and then give them to the hermanas to give to some of the members. We ate some fried chicken and platanos for lunch. It was sooooo fantastico talking to you yesterday. It felt like it was only like 5 minutes but whatever. Soon it will be November and I will see your lovely faces in person at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport. So obviously the highlight of the week was our time chatting yesterday. It is so fun just picking up where we left off. Even though we haven´t talked for a while I still feel like life is just the same. All of the letters help. I sure love you. So last night after I got off the phone we found a new investigator and then came back to the house and were chatting with this lady who is our neighbor. She is super cool and it was fun getting to know her a little. We found quite a few new investigators this week between old investigators in the area book and contacting. We didn´t get anyone to church but I have hope for this week. We are still in the process of getting to know everyone. One lady we contacted let us right in and said she had wanted to go to our church and I think elders had visited her when she was a kid. She was going to come to the elder´s baptism but something came up.  Hopefully we can get her to church next week. It was fun watching the sister missionary, who got back from El Salvador, greet everyone in her ward on Sunday. She gave her testimony and they also had us too since we´re newbies here. It is still fun knowing that she was in 30th ward´s own Tanner Thornton´s district. Small world.  Please tell Marni that I need a haircut appointment for November 21. I couldn´t help but imagine me greeting my 30th ward peeps in November and seeing everybody. Everyone here greets with a kiss and a hug so I might still be in that habit when I get home. :) It will be so fun. There is a senior couple that comes to our ward too that is on a family history mission here taking pictures of documents to put on-line. Their youngest son is on a mission too. It was fun chatting with them. They are learning Spanish and so are the Eickbushes. I tell everyone that my mom is taking a Spanish class and everyone thinks that is great...congrats on the A.  Next Sunday is the presidential election here so we have to be in the house by 6 p.m. on Saturday & Sunday and we only have sacrament meeting on Sunday morning. It is possible that we won´t go out on Sunday but for now we will just go out for a little while in the afternoon. I finished reading, Our Heritage, which I enjoyed. I have also read True to the Faith and Our Search for Happiness.  Now I am starting Jesus the Christ so I can finish all of the missionary library.  I read the Book of Mormon in English and now I am reading it and Doctrine and Covenants in Spanish.  I hope to read the New Testament too. So I will have 11 months this week and Lexxy 14. Craziness!  Alexis mentioned doing a pointing thing with her mouth and they do that here too. Instead of pointing with your finger you just use your lips. They have lots of hand signals too. I will teach you how to be a Dominican when I get home. My companion is still learning Dominican stuff...for example... “ahorita” here can mean “in a little while” or “a little while ago”. But in other places it means “right now”.  I can´t wait to learn Nicaraguan Spanish.  One of the other songs on the cd Joyce sent called, “Today is the Day”, there is a line that says “The gospel´s the good news of life everlasting, that families-they won´t fade away... that love lasts forever”. Isn´t that the best! I sure love you my forever family. Love ejc

P.S.  Here are some photos of my peeps in Mendoza, the Egyptian man, and the hermanas.  Also there is one from my birthday. 
I hope you enjoy them. -ejc

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Chelsea Owens said...

Oh how I love this Lenny girl! Looks like she's doing so well!