May 7, 2012

Linda Vista week 8

So I have been here two months now. We had dinner at our Bishop’s house the other day. His wife made us mashed potatoes since she knew I would like that. It was good and they invited us again this week. This week we have a meeting with Elder Martino of the Seventy. That should be good.  We had a lady come to church we didn’t know and another one came who we taught once this week. She was a reference of the stake president’s wife and I really feel like she is prepared. We will work with her more this week and see what we can do for her. It was so great seeing her walk into church with the stake president’s family. This is the way missionary work should be. The members find, we teach, and they help us. It was awesome. We have a new lady to wash our clothes.  She is the mother in law of the stake president.  This lady is awesome and sewed a laundry bag for my companion and sewed up the hole in mine. She matched up all my socks and you just know she takes care of us. Anyway, the work is going along. We had a lunch with the district on Saturday because on Friday we reached our goal of contacting families. It was good, except the elders told us it was lasagna but when they uncovered it, it was rice and chicken. It was good but we were excited for something different.  Anyway, I learned something in Spanish this week. “Ser tal para cual” means to be two of a kind. Yo y Lenny (Elena and I) somos tal para cual. Anyway, I do get good compliments on my Spanish which makes me feel good, but I still have plenty to learn. One of the elders told us when he came he would say “como estás usted”. Since his parents taught him Spanish and they always spoke in “tu”.  He knew he needed to speak in “usted” as a missionary so he just changed “tu” for “usted” but didn’t know he needed to change the verb. That was a funny story. Probably funnier if you were here. J The ward mission leader got a good laugh out of me since I was being my Nicaraguan self and did this pointing thing they do with my mouth. It is hard to explain but I will show you when I get home. Anyway, he started laughing and laughing and said I was nica. J  I think my tastes have changed. I bought a 7-up light last week and didn’t really like it. I guess I am used to my Fanta but hopefully I’ll still like my Diet Coke when I get home.  I am glad to hear Lenny got her new companion and area. Just keep being positive my friend. You will do great.  I know I will feel like I left part of my heart in Nicaragua when I leave in 150 days. I really am not counting but the zone leader, who leaves with me, is and he told me today we have 150 left. That is good Max is getting baptized. I was wondering if he had turned 8. Well, I love you tons. The gospel is true. I am off, but can’t wait until Sunday.  Happy Mother’s Day and you are the bestest. Have a great week.  Sunday will be here so soon. J  Love, alc

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