May 28, 2012

Hi peeps!

Happy Memorial Day.  I remember last Memorial Day we went to the cemetery and then had lunch and ran errands while we were waiting for Lexxy´s email all day.  Today we had a fun BBQ at the office with a couple of zones and most of the hermanas.  The Eickbushes made hot dogs and hamburgers and it was grand.  Now we are just emailing.  It’s been a good week and it was great getting your emails and letters and the package with all the yummy food. mmmm. Thanks pranks!   So I’m finishing up week 41 here in the mission field... crazy that it is June this week.   I am doing well and hope you all are too. It has been nice and hot here and I am sweating up a storm.  So last Sunday we went to church for just the hour and it was fun because a lot of the senior couples around here that usually attend other wards were there and also the president and his wife. I talked to him about going to my old investigator’s baptism and he said yes. So that was good.  Then on Sunday we started our little campout in the house. It was really quiet and I enjoyed spending most of the day in my plaid PJ shorts and tie-dye. I decorated my next planner and the wall above my bed.  On Monday, we cleaned the house. I watched a video about the temple, wrote lots of letters and decided to cut my bangs. I didn´t intend to cut them as short as I did but they are fine.  J   About 5 pm the district leader called and said everything looked fine and we could go out at 6 like usual on Mondays. Then on Tuesday, it was a normal day until about 7 pm when the district leader told us to stay in the house the rest of the night. Apparently, the guy that lost the election was giving a speech and they didn´t want us out in the street.  On Thursday we had zone conference which was great.  Elder Cornish was there. It was the last zone conference with the Mcdermids there, since they are finishing in July.  Elder Cornish talked about how the only people that use the title elder are the apostles, seventy, and the missionaries.  That was cool to think about, since they are all witnesses of Christ.  It was a great zone conference and was fun seeing a lot of the missionaries.  I even saw Elder LeSueur from Mesa.  On Friday, we did exchanges with the two new hermanas coming in from the CCM.  I went out with a Dominican and my companion went with a Haitian.  It was fun taking the “kids” out for a couple of hours.  We ended up pretty much contacting the whole time but did make a few appointments to come back.  She was cool and has a twin sister leaving for Guatemala in a couple of weeks... weird twin stuff.  

Then Saturday was great going to the baptism. We took the bus there. He was surprised to see me as the hermanas didn´t tell him I was coming. I led the music and had a nice chat with him. I also gave my testimony. The elders in his ward that don´t speak English and the hermanas in Mendoza sang, “Nearer My God to Thee”, part in English and part in Spanish, so that was nice. The elders are really nice and will take good care of him in his ward.  It was fun seeing the stake president and his family. His wife told my companion that I am one of her hijas (daughters). J  We were going to take the bus home, but the stake president and his family ended up taking us back which was nice. It was dark and I wasn´t exactly sure about getting back, so that was really nice of them. I got my General Conference Ensign this week and it has been grand reading the talks. Also this week we found an old lady in her 90’s. I sure love this sweet old lady. We will see if we can help her learn more.  Also there is a man (and his son) that we have visited that reminds me a lot of Grandpa. Our hot water broke this week but we got a new shower head which was like a dream come true. Also we got a new toilet seat a few weeks ago which is also nice. They are small things but nice to have.  Here are some photos of me in the house during our two day stay. It is me and the wall I decorated... also the pictures of my planners (front and back), the one I am using now and the one for next transfer aren´t great quality but you´ll get the idea. There’s also a few from the baptism.  I hope you enjoy them.  I have to go, but I hope you are enjoying your Memorial Day and yes, that will be grand next year to watch the Memorial Day concert and we will be saying, remember last year when we were...   ...good times.  Love you all a million bazillion. Until next week.  Love, ejc

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Chelsea Owens said...

Looks like she is doing so so well. Missions are fantastic!!!