May 14, 2012

20 more p-days to go

What’s up my favorite people?  I am here now. Yes I did enjoy a Fanta orange with my lunch today and I have a picture to prove it...mmmmmm. We are doing good and I had a great time chatting with you yesterday. That was lovely and just like old times. Nothing has or will change about how much I love all of you and am so grateful to be part of this eternal family.  I can’t wait until October 4. Then I can greet you with a hug and kiss too....Nicaraguan style... and like Lenny said, I will teach you how to be Nicas.  Well, it has been a good week in Linda Vista and we had a conference with Elder Martino. It was real good and he talked about the atonement and perfection and how to work with the members. He told us the most effective way is to teach investigators in the homes of members. So we are going to start putting that in practice. We had a good and nice lunch with him too. We are excited because the lady who cooks for us is finally going to let us teach her the lessons. She reads the Book of Mormon and comes to church but has held back a little, but her son told us that she is ready now. So we will start this week. We will need permission to baptize her since she lives in the other ward but she comes with her son to ours.  I think they will give it to us. We are also teaching a judge and her retired police mother. They came to church in April and we have started teaching them. They are pretty positive and came to church yesterday. The thing I like is that I feel like if we are able to baptize them, they are people who will stay and not just get baptized because they want to please the missionaries. Another lady came to church yesterday.  She told us she wasn’t going to come when we visited her on Friday but she came, so that is good. We taught 2 families after I finished my fabulous phone call last night and they are pretty positive. We are trying to find more families that are more positive since that is the focus right now of the mission. We can do it. I also enjoyed Nicaraguan guacamole for the first time this week. It was good and like normal guacamole plus hard boiled eggs. I enjoyed it. I don’t know why this email deal is so funny and slow but whatever. I am doing real good. 14 months this week and 11 for Lenny. Wow! Can you believe it?  Who would have thought we would be on missions and doing good and surviving but we are!  I am happy and healthy. Gotta love orange Fanta.  Sorry my emails are so slow but it was fun reading Lenny’s and yours and knowing we were on at the same time. Tell Chessy Hi for me. I love you so much and hope you had a happy Mother’s Day madre. I know the gospel is true and I love it.  I love my forever family! Love, alc

P.S.  Did you know aloha is a hola backwards? J  

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Chelsea Owens said...

Aloha is a hola backwards. Love it. :)