June 25, 2012

More from the little Dominican!

Hi peeps.  I am on the computer now.  I got an email from my dear Hermana Loftus, a fellow West Wing watcher, with a picture.  I thought it was funny that she said she realized that this was my Chelsea...really my Chessy.  It is so fun seeing a picture with my Chessy and my Hermana Bradley and my Hermana Loftus.  Enjoy the photo.  All I need is my Lexxy.  I think it would be fun to go to Utah for General Conference in April for mission reunions and then everyone can meet my other half. 

Also, Lexxy when should I start sending you letters to Arizona rather than Nicaragua?  That is a fun question.  Life is good here. We have quite a few investigators with potential and they are progressing little by little. I love the family we are teaching and the little girl gave me a big hug the other day which was nice. The little boy gives me high fives and they are sweet.  Hopefully we will have some baptisms in July.  My companion is funny and I am trying to joke around more but sometimes it is hard in another language. I sometimes feel limited with my Español but some people have given me compliments.  I don´t know.  I still have lots to learn but life is good as Hermana Cottam.  Only 21 more weeks with this tag on.  I am hoping Mom and Dad go to a Spanish speaking mission as an office couple.  Mom can wear each of our tags during the mission.  The time will keep going quicker and quicker.  I hope you are doing well. It´s been a good p-day.  Hermana Louis and I met up with Hermana Vera and Hermana Avery who are in Mendoza.  We went to the mall and I had Taco Bell and frozen yogurt...mmm.  It’s been a good week.  I have been enjoying looking back at my journal and reading what I was up to a year ago.  I need to be a better journal writer but sometimes it is hard to find time at night.  I was also thinking this week about how 10 years ago I was Annika´s age, going to girl´s camp for the first time with all of my friends. Look at us now... missions, some married and some having kids...weird how 10 years can change things.  It will be interesting to see Annika in 10 years and what cool things she´s done... and where we all will be in 10 years. Maybe I´ll be president... just kidding... maybe in 20 years. J  Soon it will be the Olympics and then the elections and then I´ll be home.  I got a good stack of mail this week.  One of the elders in my district asked, “Is it your birthday?” ...funny J  It was a good mail week and I got the package with sunscreen and goodies. Thanks.  I hope Dad´s birthday letter makes it there in time.  I didn´t bring my camera this week so next week I will try and send pictures.  I love you all so much and hope you are doing well.  It´s crazy that we will be the next return missionaries in the 30th ward now that Ernie´s home.  Cool.  I am glad he did well.  Also I forgot to mention...last night we were visiting this family whose cute boys play baseball and I told them I like baseball.  The little boy was baptized a month or so ago.  We were talking about baseball and I said that I saw one time when a pitcher threw the ball and it hit a bird.  One of the boys said, that was Randy Johnson.  They know a lot about baseball. J I love you a million and in 21 weeks and 1 day we will be talking in person. Love you tons, ejc

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