August 6, 2012

It's August!

So I am on the computer now.  We´ve had another fairly boring p-day in the area but it worked out ok since we got water in the house and could clean real good and fill all our stuff up. The water has been a little issue this week but we have water now so that´s good.  It is great having water. I sometimes remind myself that in 15 weeks I hopefully will never have to worry about water and power again.  Oh the joys of the mission.  I am happy and healthy.  Crazy...Lexxy will be home in less than 2 months and I will be in 3 and a half.  I was thinking this week how it has been 1 year since I was finishing up in the CCM and 2 years ago since we were in Homer and 5 years ago since we were starting at BYU-H.  We´ve had a pretty good week this week.  Yesterday the people we really wanted to show didn´t make it to church, but one lady showed up on her own which was a nice surprise.  We´ll just keep working with these peeps.  Hermana Ball says thanks for the birthday package.  I imagine Hermana Mcentire got hers too but I haven´t seen or talked to her for a while, but hopefully this week at the zone conference with Elder Anderson.  I am looking forward to that.  It should be a good conference and I will get to see my lovely Eickbushes.  Yay!  I don´t know when we are going to the temple.  We thought this month but I think next transfer.  So luckily we went a little bit earlier to our district and zone meeting this week because while we were waiting for the elders with the keys to open up the church, president and his wife and the assistants drove up. It was nice seeing them.  (I talked to president and said something about going home in November and I verified with Elder Eickbush that it was set in the computer.)  We had a hurricane warning last week and they told us to make sure we had food and stuff but I guess it weakened.  We had a lot of rain on Saturday.  About 6pm I thought I should check my phone but blew the thought off.  Then it started raining so we took cover in a corner store and I checked my phone.  The district leader had called and they told us to go in the house.  It was pretty windy and lots of rain.  There wasn´t much to do in the house since we didn´t have power and we were fasting but I did get to bed early and learned I shouldn´t blow off my thoughts.  I hope you have a grand time when you go Flagstaff.  Do lots of rompecabezas for me... aka puzzles. :)  I was really excited this week when I saw an identical twin to Mom's bike, riding around town. I can´t wait to bike ride together.  I saw a little of the Olympic swimming today on a TV we passed the Olympics!  When are they over?  Well, peeps, my time is about up but life is good here in the DR.  I hope you all have a great week.  See you in 15 weeks!!!!!   Love you sooooooooooooooo much!  Love your DR daughter, ejc

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