August 20, 2012

6 weeks people!

Well, it was a good week.  We had a baptism on Saturday, but the man didn’t show on Sunday to get confirmed ...not cool, but it will happen this week.   But I won’t be here.  I really love the man.  He is so cool and it took 3 months from the day we contacted him to his baptism but it was well worth it.  Yesterday we went to visit him and he said, ´aprendí algo de usted´ (I learned something from you).   I asked what did you learn?   He said, ´que no todos son malos´ (I think he was saying that not all white folks are bad).  I hope that’s not the only thing he learned but really I thought nothing would top the baptism of Ericka in June, but I would say this one did.  He is a changed man and he even bore his testimony at the end of the baptism.  I had the same feeling of joy and satisfaction watching him that I did with Ericka and I thought that it was worth 18 months just for that moment.  He is super funny too.  When we passed by on Saturday before the baptism he was calling for help from the back room.  He was trying on the jumpsuit for the baptism but it was too small and he couldn’t get it off.  Luckily the mission leader showed up real quick because we couldn’t help him.  We were just dying laughing.  Anyway, I can’t wait for you to meet him someday.  He is so cool. 

We had interviews this week.  It was good, real short but good.  President was very complimentary so I was happy.  I sometimes wonder what he thinks but he made me feel good.  I have been enjoying my last week with Hermana Rivera.  I won’t know until Wednesday where I will be headed.  I am not too stressed since my attitude is that I can deal with just about anything for 6 weeks. I love being a missionary. I can’t believe it will be over so soon.  These last 6 weeks will fly by.  Hermana Flores (the one I trained here) is going to train.  So that’s exciting.  Well, I got mail this week...the ward newsletter, my ballot, and letters.  As for the ballot, I filled it out and will mail it to you tomorrow so you can take it to the polls if it gets there in time.  I doubt it will, but whatever.  My companion got the package you sent and was a happy camper.  She said it was the second package that she has ever gotten on the mission.  The lacey socks are her style.  She’s a cool girl.  I guess that she is kind of my Latina Chessy.   I don’t know how we got into our groove but we just have a blast together.  I love this girl.  She needs to come to Az.  She says she wants/wanted to be a flight attendant.  I feel so close to her and I don’t know why.  Yesterday when we finished the agenda for the change she said that that was the end of the ´cambio mas divertido´, most fun change.  I definitely agree and I did decorate my last agenda with a Nica flag and a family photo.  Yesterday at church I was so happy to see a family we found this week, walk in.  We didn’t have anyone there and I just didn’t want the change to end that way.  So I was thrilled when the couple came in.  Really, what Elena said is true...maybe the people don’t accept the message or do what we want them to, but I hope they remember that the American girl came and they felt the spirit.  Somehow, someday, they´ll accept it and find the truth.  I know I couldn’t live without it.  I love testifying of the family and how even though we aren’t perfect and have difficulties we are happy.  I am a happy girl.  I love you tons.  I know the gospel is true.  Well, I just have a couple of minutes left.  We had a good p-day.  We went to a Mexican restaurant that was good, like a restaurant at home.  Tonight we are going to eat bean soup at Ericka’s house and have Family Home Evening close by with other people.  It will be good but I have a feeling we will be eating all night.  I love it here and am sad to leave but 6 weeks people ...that seems so crazy.  Well, give my best to the Laytons.  That was a shock I am sure, but at least we have the comfort of the gospel and plan of salvation.  Well, I know I will be going where the Lord needs me.   Love you soooo much!  Have a great week.  Thanks for being the bestest people on Earth.  Until next week.  Love, alc

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