August 6, 2012

More from the nica...8 more weeks!

Hola!  Well, it has been a decent week.  It really boggles my mind when I think that I only have 8 more weeks. 8 more emails. 8 more Domingos at church here.  I can’t believe it.  I sort of feel anxious thinking about it... not anxious in a bad way, but just a sort of sad and happy feeling, bittersweet.  But I am sooooo excited to see you and talk nonstop.  We did have a hermano come to church yesterday.  He may get baptized this week. Anyway, we did have a couple cool experiences this week.  We were out contacting and this one lady let us in and told us she had been visiting the church in another area but had stopped. We taught her and she accepted a baptismal date in this first visit.  She told us she had prayed a few days before for direction in her life.  I love being the answer to someone’s prayers.  She couldn’t keep the appointment on Saturday but we will see her this week.  Yesterday we were a little bummed with not lots of people at church and we were fasting.  But during Relief Society someone from the Bishopric came and got us to come meet a family that had showed up.  President had told everyone to include in their fast the blessing of baptizing a family this month.  This family is moving to our area next week and said they will come next Sunday.  Afterwards my comp said there is the answer to our fast.  So that was cool.  The gospel is so true.  So we had a good p-day.  We had to go to immigration to renew my ID card.  It was good since we are here in Managua so that makes it easier.  Then we went shopping and dropped off the groceries and went to lunch.  We went to the nice restaurant that we went to about 4 months ago.  I had a bacon cheeseburger and a banana split.  It is quite expensive for here but about 9 dollars.  My companion isn’t used to spending that much (well now neither am I) but it was good.  She asked me if it was normal for me to go to this type of place at home.  I said sort of.  One part is super ritzy with the tablecloths, etc. but we were in the part more like Outback or Red Robin.  She said it was good and we were with the other hermanas.  It was good to see some of the Olympics on the TV.  I saw the DR runner win the 400m hurdles, so that was cool.  Congrats on the DR Olympic gold.  What happened to the Nica boxer who was in the semi-finals?  Now we are emailing and then I will try to get some letters written.  I got mail and the little package from you this week and a letter from Grandma Olive.  Gracias.   Anyway, I am a happy missionary and I love it here.  I hope to finish here with my Hermana Rivera.  I told her that I feel like I can be myself.  She is funny.  On Saturday she was tired and had a headache and said she wanted to go home.  I asked which of the two - here or in El Salvador.  She said either.  We joke about going on the buses that go from Mexico to Panama. J I really am so blessed.  I have realized that more on the mission.  I have a great family, great parents who don’t fight, and we are sealed together forever.  At home that’s more common but here it’s not.  Well, I love you tons.  You are the bestest.  See you soon.  Have a great week.  Love, alc

P.S.  Here are more photos from our tennis adventure last week.

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