August 20, 2012

More from the DR...

So I am on the computer now a little later than I had planned.  We went to my companion’s doctor’s appointment this morning and then we went to a place to look for shoes for my companion and had lunch.  Finally they told us to go to the doctor´s office at the CCM and then we took a taxi back to our area and are emailing now.  I did get to see one of my favorite Mendoza members at the CCM, which was nice except we didn´t get to talk much just gave each other a big hug.  They told me they would give me the same meds they gave my companion when I go home, like all of the missionaries to kill any possible thing.  Anyways, that is so sad about the Laytons.  Let them know I am thinking of them.  Sad.  Also, too bad that Lexxy doesn´t get to stay with Hermana Rivera but maybe you´ll have another cool companion to finish and if not, it´s only 6 weeks. :) and 13 for me ...soooooooooooooooo excited.  So we have had some ups and downs this week but we are on the uphill now.  We got a hold of our investigator and she said, don´t come by.  So that was kind of sad since I know she knew what she was doing was right and rejected it.  But maybe there will be another time for her.  We are still getting the Haitian girl ready for baptism the first of September and we have another guy we put a baptism date yesterday for the 15th of September.  He is reading and really receptive and comes to church on his own.  I hope maybe he can get on a mission before he´s too old.  I often picture the people dressed in white or as a missionary or in the temple and sometimes I wonder how I can see them in that state but then they turn away or it doesn´t turn out just like I planned with the happily ever after but that´s life as a and downs.  But we keep going.  Anyway, I got a boatload of DearElders and letters this week.  I will try and get some letters out this week but we´ll see.  Only one more week of this transfer and then we´ll see what happens and if we stay together or not.  I wouldn’t mind a change but I wouldn´t mind seeing these baptisms so we´ll see.   I have decided when I get home that I want to read Pres. Monson´s biography and the book you mentioned about Emma.  I sent in my ballot last week.  Speaking of politics, we have a new president here...not a mission president, but the president of the DR.J   On Thursday there were lots of airplanes and helicopters flying around and stuff. It was cool.  I was wishing I had been in Gazcue by the palace to see all of it.  The district leaders told us we would be having inspections this last week by president but he never showed.  I don´t know if he´ll come tomorrow or if it was some sort of scare tactic for people to clean.   Last night we contacted this girl and her grandma and invited them to church.  When we were leaving the girl started speaking in English and she is on vacation here from Massachusetts.  She said, good night, to me which was weird to hear someone say that in English.   My companion sometimes does, but it was weird in the street. As I meet people I can´t imagine a life not knowing that I have a Father in Heaven who loves me more than I can understand and knows exactly what I need and how to help me...  not to mention an earthly family that will be together forever.  I think my favorite part as a missionary is trying to help people feel the love God has for them through me.  Even if they don´t recognize it at the moment or accept the message, I want them to remember the American girl who brought them a smile and cared about them.  It´s weird sometimes the love you feel for people.  Well peeps my time is just about up, but Lexxy, live it up these last 6 weeks.  Next week I will have news about transfers.  I can´t wait to see you but until then life goes on as Hermana Cottam for 13 more weeklets.   I love you peeeeeeeeeeps so much!  Love, ejc

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