August 13, 2012

7 weeks more in my land of Nicaragua

So, I am here now.  We have been relaxing today.   I wrote letters and will finish them later.  I did get mail last week and a package with socks in it...not Socks the cat.  J  But anyway, we both are a little sad since the zone leaders called at lunch and my companion is going to be a trainer.   We really hoped to be together until I finished but that’s the mission.  That’s okay... logically I will be headed to a new area for my last six weeks but I won’t know that for another week.   At least I have time to prepare myself.  We had a good week.  But highlight of the week - our hermano got confirmed and we should have a baptism on Saturday so that is good.   I was so thrilled and filled with joy as we walked in to church and he had a white shirt and tie on.   He looked great.  I can’t wait for him to get the priesthood and progress in the gospel.  I had an experience (and have had this thought before) realizing why certain scriptures are scripture mastery.  When we learned them in seminary I didn’t really understand how some of them were important for me but really they all have something to do with the missionary lessons.  We were in a lesson and someone was asking about if someone could really see God and my companion said something about Moses seeing God face to face.  She couldn’t remember the reference but my good little number tricks and the spirit helped me remember that it is Exodus 33:11 - face to face 33, 11 (don’t know if you understand that but whatever, I do in my little mind).  I have realized on the mission the significance of the scripture masteries.  Also as we were in a lesson my companion was talking about the priesthood to a member man and how he needs to use it and bless his family with it.  Her dad is a member but she said she doesn’t have a memory of her dad using the priesthood or giving her a blessing.   This is one of the things I have come to be more grateful for on the mission - a family sealed in the temple and a father who worthily holds the priesthood.  Thanks Dad.  I thought that if I was home right now, this week Dad would have given me a blessing to start school - great tradition.  I love you so much.  As for investigators this week, we just had the man in church who should be getting baptized on Saturday.  I have seen him from the beginning and what a change he has had.  We had him pick out the hymns for the baptism and gave him the clothes so he feels more excited.  I imagine him blessing the sacrament or in the temple and it makes me so happy. So hopefully I can finish my last week here in Linda Vista with a baptism.  That would be sweet.  I know Hermana Rivera will be a lifelong friend.  I really feel like she is my sister and we just have a good time together.  At least I have this week to prepare myself to leave.  We will see what happens for my last 6 weeks but it will be an adventure.  On the 10th they were celebrating Santo Domingo here.  It was for a Catholic saint but I thought of Lenny in her Santo Domingo land ...17months on the 16th and 14 for Lenny. Tomorrow we have interviews with president ...last one before my exit interview. Crazy!  Hermana Rivera says thanks for sending a package.  That will be good for her to get even though I won’t be with her.  I can’t believe how fast the time is winding down.  I feel a sense of urgency thinking about it.  I read my call letter today and was reliving the memory of opening my letter.   I really don’t know what I was thinking or what you all were thinking ...but who knew 18 months later ...and Nicaragua is my new home and will be a part of me forever.  The mission is great.  The gospel is true, so what else matters?  I really feel like I am living the best transfer of my mission and don’t want it to be over.  6 weeks ago I was afraid to be her companion ...funny how first impressions are deceiving, but she is the best.  I am happy for her to train again.  I guess the Lord has other things in store for us.  I just didn’t want it to end.  But life rolls on.  Crazy that it has been a year since I got to my beloved Rivas.  The time is passing so quickly.  I just can’t wait to see you in 7 weeks.  (Hopefully the newbie who comes here plays the piano because everyone in the ward says they don’t want me to leave since there isn’t anyone here to play the piano ...but they´ll be fine.)  I love you tons.  Las familias son eternas.  Love, your Nica daughter, alc

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