August 13, 2012

14 weeks until liftoff!

Just getting on the computer now after another quiet p-day.  My comp doesn´t really like to leave the area on p-day and would rather sleep as she is still trying to get well.  We went to the store and I bought a new umbrella and a souvenir towel of the DR.  We got a few groceries and stuff and then went back to the house.  I ate lunch and organized my desk a little bit and my letters.  Then I was just listening to some music while writing letters.  At least the garbage truck came by today since we had missed it for a couple of weeks and the trash was piling up.  Good times waiting for the trash truck. J  Thanks for the emails and dearelders and letters.  I got my ballot too this week.  Also that´s cool that the US finished with 46 gold medals.  Well, my dearest family I just love you soooooooo much.  Things are good in the DR.  We had a few people at church yesterday but the lady and son we were hoping to baptize soon didn´t show. We had a great zone conference with Elder Anderson of the seventy who is the new president of the area.  He´s from Mesa and lives close to Westwood.  He and his wife were very nice and I spoke with them briefly at the table at lunch.  He asked who my stake president was and I said, Pres. Toone.  He knew him.  I remembered later about Pres. Toone going to Westwood.  Pres. Anderson told us that we received our callings long before we got the envelope in the mail.  He also talked about the importance of learning the language of the spirit and how it is just as important as learning the mission language.  Sister Anderson gave me a hug as they left and said, be the best you can be.  They were very nice.  Also a plus about the conference was getting to go to the office to see my favorite Eickbushes and getting my mail.  I love the Eickbushes.  They were gone a few weeks ago, back in the states for a funeral.  When I saw Hermana Eickbush on Friday she gave me a big hug and then told me while they were in the states she bought the last black skirt they had at the same store where Mom bought my new black skirt.  It was grand seeing her and she gave me my last planner too.  Only one more to decorate.  Hermana Mcentire was there too and she said thanks for the birthday package.  I loved the mail I got and Lexxy wrote good long letters too.  Also one of the office elders said he might be in Arizona in November when I get home, visiting another elder that lives in Gilbert.  Yesterday it rained pretty hard but we waited it out at a member´s house.  We had another member with us who is hilarious.  When the rained stopped we left but the streets were kind of flooded.  I told her my shoes were fine to get wet and that they had been wet many times before but she was trying to help me keep dry.  She ended up giving me a piggy back ride to cross some ankle deep water. J ...funny times.   She is really nice and super funny.  I was kind of glad not to walk in the water since it was pretty dirty. Anyway, that was a funny story of the week.  Lexxy mentioned in her letter that she feels she has gained skills in stress management.  I agree.  I was also thinking this week how I feel comfortable fielding questions from investigators and I think that will also be a good skill to have.  Anyways, life is pretty good here.  I haven´t had the missionary success I have been hoping for but life goes on and I just try and remind myself how I felt when I was teaching Kamal. I would just like to have some more of those moments ...but they´ll come.  I hope you all are doing well. I am so glad Alexis is living it up with Hermana Rivera.   I enjoyed the note I got from Hermana Rivera. J  I am happy and healthy ... just trying to “missionary it up” for 3 more months. Crazy it has been a year this week since I left the MTC.  I sure love you peeps and look forward to your letters and emails. Email is seriously the fastest hour of the week and the best!   I can´t wait to see you, my forever family, in 14 weeks from tomorrow.  Love your DR daughter, ejc

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