August 27, 2012

Greetings from...

So people... I am here in Diriá (sounds like Didia) with the Hermana Parker.  She is from Hurricane, Utah.  So that is a big change for me.  It is very different being with a North American but we have a good time.  She reminds me of Amy Allen.  This is her third change so I am feeling pretty responsible for everything and in the Spanish department, but she does good.  I did have pretty good guesses for the changes and what all happened.  So Diriá is a really tiny town.  It’s a branch with Diriomo.  We live in Diriomo and walk about 15 minutes to the area.  There aren’t many members in our area but it is good. It’s really cute and there is a family from Utah who has a house here but they aren’t here right now.  It’s really small town - no bank or post office but we have all that in Granada which is about 30 minutes by bus.  We are going to Granada on Friday for a zone meeting so we will mail letters and go to the bank there.  There is a grocery store so that’s good.   Anyway, I really am having fun and we are working good together.  She seems happy with me.  I really do miss my Hermana Rivera but life moves on.  I had never felt that way about a companion before but I do feel so close to her and want to see her again but who knows if I will.  It is fun to experience having a North American companion.  I will at least have someone to see at mission reunions and stuff.  She is a year behind me and wants me to take pictures at Disneyland and email them to her. Thanks for sending the family photo to Hermana Monestel. 

Cottam family at BYU-H graduation celebration
She showed a bunch during her talk at change meeting and I was happy to see mine.  Everyone asked which one was me.  That is the photo I have on my agenda.  When she said she asked for photos I knew I could count on you and that you would send one.  Thanks pranks.  It has been raining at night but nothing too bad.  I can’t believe it is almost over...5 weeks.  I love it here and I love you tons.  I don’t know what I would have done if I hadn’t come on the decision!   The gospel is true.  On Thursday an elder was at our dinner appointment with his parents visiting who were picking him up.  We started talking to them in English and that was fun.  Their other son had gone to the DR in Lenny’s mission and they had picked him up too.   I just can wait to bring you back and meet all my people, see my Nicaragua, smell it, breathe it, live it.  I can’t imagine leaving it but it will be happening in a short 5 weeks.  Crazy... it seems too unreal.  We are hoping to baptize a bunch here this last change.  The area hasn’t been too successful lately but we are going to change that.  There is a member, actually a couple of people, that are really excited and helpful and we have some good vision for the area.  And just a funny story...when I was going through some stuff before I left Managua, I had an extra toothbrush and jokingly told Hermana Rivera that I would leave it for her for her inheritance.  I thought she had forgotten about it but I hadn’t and I wrote a little note and left it under her sheet before I left.  Then, at the change meeting as I told her good bye she said ´you didn’t even leave me the toothbrush´.  I said yes I did and that it was on her bed.  She is super funny.  We had a good time together and even with the newbies that we were with on Monday and Tuesday nights at our house we managed to have a good time.  I really wasn’t happy leaving but now I have realized that this was what I needed.  I was just too comfortable there with her.  I was happy listening to her teach and sit back and listen.  Now I really have to take charge and speak and I am responsible for everything.  I was a little stressed the first couple of days not knowing anything, but now I have a good sense of the area and won’t get lost (except I won’t have to show anyone else the area since I will only be here 6 weeks).  Now I am just excited to get to work and baptize some people.  I have to work at speaking Spanish with my companion but it’s all good.  I am happy and doing well.  I can’t believe it’s almost over.  I love it here.  I don’t know what it will be like getting back to real life.  Anyway, we are finding new people and hoping they can progress and get baptized this change.  I am doing good.  It reminds me a lot of my first area here.  I have gotten a few bug bites but that is Nica life.  I love being a missionary.  I hope you have a great week...5 more emails.  I think for the last one I will send you my list of things I need at home to feel like I am in Nicaragua. J  Who knows?   I will try to send pictures next week. Well, the gospel is true.  I am sure of it.  I love you tons.  You are the best.  Love your nica, alc

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