September 3, 2012

Week 55 in the mission field!

So peeps, it´s been a good week.  Guess what I saw as we were looking for an internet place with power....a guy with a Waffle House shirt... funny.  Anywho, life is good here.  We went to the doctor again this morning and then the park and then the mall.  I had Taco Bell and frozen yogurt... mmmmm.   President called Hermana Mcentire last night about when she is going home, so she´s decided to go with me.  Yay.  So she and I and at least one of the other two sisters are going home in November.  That´s cool.  We had our baptism on Saturday and I will try and send pictures.  I am happy to hear that Alexis finally got an American companion so she can know what it´s like.  I saw a map of Central America in the doctor´s office at the CCM and saw Rivas and Granada so at least I kind of know where she is.  Crazy...4 more weeks for her.   For me it’s 55 done...11 more to go.  Anyway, the highlight of the week was the baptism of the Haitian girl.  It turned out well and we have a new ward mission leader who is good too.  Some of the primary came and the primary president spoke.  The only thing was the power went out twice, once just as she had entered the water and they were about to baptize her... great moment for it to go pitch black but then it came back on.  It also went out when I was leading the music while they were changing.  Good times. 
I got a boatload of mail this week.  Thanks pranks.   I had a good letter from Lou Gehring.  So when are Grandpa & Grandma Harvey coming to visit?  The triplets´ birthday is in September right?  Only 2 more Fast Sundays, 1 more transfer call, and 10 more emails until I see your faces...sooooooooooo excited!   We had 3 investigators at church... one who is going to be baptized on the 22nd and another lady we are hoping to get baptized at the end of the month.  It is nice when we get to see a little of the fruits of our labors.  They are both cool.  One is a 24 year old guy who I could see serving a mission in a year and the other is a lady who lives close to another sister in the ward.  Anyways, the work is progressing.  We watched the movie, Touch of the Master, yesterday in Sunday School.  We all need to be the Lord´s hands and reach out to those people who are undervalued.  You never know who is ready for the gospel.  It could be a lost Egyptian man in the DR. J Hermana Domgaard said Kamal was at stake conference yesterday.  I sure love that Egyptian. 

Anyways, it has been fun having Hermana Mcentire at the house and I sure loved seeing my Hermana Ball today at the park.  The doctor´s wife that we saw today gave us a hug when we first saw her and then as we were leaving she said here´s one from your mom.  I sure love senior missionaries ...and real hugs will be coming soon  ...funny that Annika wanted to get out of school to pick us up too.  Happy Labor Day!   The next major holiday besides Halloween is Thanksgiving and I´ll be home!  Yippee skippee!  I did finally get my letters sent out this week so you should be getting some from me soon.  I sent my last one to Nicaragua so that is super cool.  I can´t wait to see you and am happy now that I can countdown with Hermana Mcentire since before I didn´t want to say too much since she wasn´t going home with me.  I sure love you peeps.  Well, signing off.  Love you a million bazillion. Ejc


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