September 3, 2012

4 more weeks!

I am here in Granada right now and then we are headed home and off to Family Home Evening. We had a non-eventful p-day.  We ate here at Telepizza.  It is very touristy here and very European I would say, but it is fun. We could stay a night or two in Granada when we come back for a visit.  It takes us about 40 minutes to get here.  The town I am in is super cute and small, kind of like Saltburn.  Well, we had a good week.  Yesterday we had a family at church who can now get baptized and married.  I don’t know them that well but I am sure we can do it this month.  We also had a man at church.  He has a baptism date for the 22nd.  The sisters found him a few weeks ago but could never find him again.  We were on the corner one night standing there deciding what to do when he just walked past.  The member we were with invited him to church and we made an appointment for the next day.  He said he couldn’t sleep that night and was left wondering about the whole thing.  We taught a little of the plan of salvation and I mentioned that we needed to do certain things in this life like baptism.  He said he has never been baptized but knows he should but he never has had the desire.   So we set the date with him and he came to church yesterday and seemed to like it, which is great.  A weird thing that happened this week was that on Tuesday night we were with the same member and an appointment had fallen through.  He took us to a house of a sick lady we had contacted with him and the elders last Saturday but when we got to the corner of the street they were setting up chairs and stuff outside for the vela (or viewing) because someone had died.   We had made the appointment with her for Wednesday and that was when her funeral was going to be...crazy. We talked a minute to the family and I saw the lady.  She had died that day and we were sort of shocked that she had died.  The member suggested that we go to the funeral at the Catholic church as a nice gesture for the family and so the people could see that we respect other churches and people.  So we went on Wednesday with the member and branch president.  It was interesting and an experience to remember.  Then on Saturday, this same member saw the husband of a family we had taught once.  The wife was in a moto taxi in the morning and crashed with a bus.  They didn’t know how she was but the member said we would stop by to check up on them later since we already had an appointment.  She was there.  She was all bruised and cut up and had broken her pelvis.  I was sitting on the bed across the room with a couple of people and there wasn’t enough space for my companion so she stood for the 10 minutes we were there.  She said the prayer to leave and afterwards totally just threw herself on to the bed in the little space there was between me and the member.  I was thinking why are you sitting down?  We are going to go.  She said she was going to pass out.  I just did my normal laughing reaction and was like ok what am I going to do?  She asked for a piece of candy and drank a little of the water I had.  We finally got out and told the member.  He got a chair for her and then went to get a taxi to take us home.  She said she couldn’t see anyone as she shook their hands on the way out and her eyes were real big.  Anyway, we went home and she ate some crackers and was weak and we ended up just staying in that night and the elders took care of the appointments we had.  It was kind of funny and we ended up just chatting the time away.  Anyway, we are having a good time and seeing some good results.  I am doing great and hoping to see some baptisms before I leave.  I know we can do it.  I am so glad I decided to come on a mission decision ever.  I can’t believe it’s going to be over in just four short weeks. I know the gospel is true and I am a happy girl sharing it with everyone. I love you sooooooo much ...can’t wait to see you.  I got mail- DearElders from the week of the 12th - you, Lou, Amy, Brittany, Joyce, and Ms. O’Neil.  I got letters from Mom and Lenny too.  I sent my letters from last week on Friday when we came to Granada and I sent more today.  I am doing real good.  I guess the next time you go to the airport may be to pick me up...sooooo close.  I can’t wait...4 weeks.  It will be so fun.  Well got to go... have a happy week and good trip.  Love you tons.  Elena, congrats on the baptism.  Love your Nica, alc

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