September 24, 2012

Writings from the Dominican

I am on the computer now.  I just got back to our area from the BBQ in Gazcue at the office...good times.  The mission office is part of the chapel in Gazcue since there really isn´t a mission home in this mission.  Things are good here.  I got a boatload of mail this week.  Lilly wrote me and said her mom passed away a couple of months ago ...sad.  She is finishing her mission in October.  So next week I will be emailing on Tuesday.  That means today is the last emailing from the DR to Nicaragua ...crazy.  It sounds so good to say, “My sister will be home next week.”   So this week has been good.  We had the baptism on Saturday, not without a few stressful moments but it went well.  We had visited the guy on Thursday and on Friday we stopped by to remind him what time and everything.  As we were talking, he stopped and said that he didn´t want to get baptized the next day.  So we talked to him and asked a lot of questions.  When we finally got to the bottom of it, it appears he was a little concerned about paying tithing.  We reassured him the blessings would come.  We tried not to make him feel pressured about going through with the baptism and left him to pray and think about it.  Then that night we stopped by and he said he decided to go through with the baptism.  On Saturday afternoon we stopped by again and he was all set and he said he would be at the church at 6:30pm.  Then the assistants called to tell us that they and the president and his wife would be coming to the baptism.  It was nice having them there.  At 6:45 he showed up.  He got changed and it all turned out fine.  I taught a mini lesson on the restoration while they were changing and president gave a brief testimony.  Our ward mission leader is very organized which is great.  On Sunday he was confirmed and last night we stopped by and talked about the priesthood.  He said while they had their hands on his head he felt the presence of the Lord ...which was cool. Yesterday we had a good day.  We were late getting to church as we were waiting for some investigators.  It was the Primary Program and it was cool to see our little Haitian girl read a scripture in it.  She said, “Buenos dias”, really loud in the microphone which was funny.  Then that afternoon a lady in the street called us over and said are you Mormons and we said yes.  It turns out this lady had moved to our area a year ago and never found the church.  It was a blessing that we were led to her.  I love it when I feel like the Lord is using us to find his children that need it.  We had interviews this week with president.  It was good and I felt a lot more relaxed than I have in the past.  A lady gave a presentation about family history work and I am excited to do that when I get home.  Hermana Hernandez gave a little cooking class which was fun.  I got a lovely stack of mail and I saw my dear Eickbushes.  We got to help with a service project on Saturday morning with the Mormon helping hands.  We helped clean the trash by the River Ozama.  It was disgusting but I had gloves and it was fun hanging out with some of the other missionaries and members.  I got to wear a sweet yellow Mormon helping hands vest. J We also went to a going away party for a member who is leaving this week for his mission in Mexico. The four of us sang, “I´ll Go Where You Want Me to Go”.  Hermana Louis sang one verse in French.  Then we sang in English and then in Spanish.  It was cool.  A lady we are teaching is doing really well.  She came to church yesterday for the 2nd time.  We had taught her the word of wisdom last week and this week she said her family was drinking and normally she would drink a little but had no desire to drink and was embarrassed to have the bottles in her house ...gotta love it when you can see the Spirit working through these people. I got a new Liahona at the office today.  It is the October one.  In the mission getting a new Liahona is so exciting ...who knew?! J  I liked the September one with all of the senior missionary stuff too.  I finished decorating my last planner. Awesomeness ...8 weeks.  I am really excited to get back to school.  Well peeps, I am out of time, but it has been a fantabulous email session with you.  I sure love you peeps.  You are the best and I can´t believe little Lexxy will be in your arms next week.  I hope you have a grand week.  I love sooooooooooooooooooo much.  You only have one more week without the Nica. J I love you. -Ejc


P.S.  Lexxy when are you going to send photos?  I still don´t know what your companion looks like and you are practically home. J I will try and send a few photos now.  Some aren´t the greatest pictures but you get the idea. Hermana Eickbush is the best.  She said she hopes to meet you someday, too. She´s like my Sonja here in the DR.  I love my senior missionaries!  I will try and send more photos next Tuesday after the hermana activity.

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