September 10, 2012

The week in review!

Greetings from a slow computer but I am finally on now, typing away. I hope you are all doing well.  We spent a couple of hours this morning doing my companion’s hair at a member’s house.  Then we went and ate and did a little grocery shopping and now internet.  I am glad Mom had a safe trip and Dad stayed out of trouble.  It’s crazy Lexxy will be home in 3 weeks.  Wowzers!  Sometimes I get so excited that I forget that I am not going home in 3 weeks. J  This week has been interesting.  So anywho, let me start back from when I finished emailing you last week.  We got back to the house around 5pm with a little time before we normally go out.  As I have mentioned before we have had trouble with the water at the house and we were out.  The doctor said last week that we should wash things in the house to get rid of the parasite my companion has.  We called the elder over housing but he didn´t answer so we decided to call Hermana Hernandez, the president's wife.   She said she was going to send the assistants over to pick us up and wash our clothes over at her house. So we had a super p-day over there washing our clothes and stuff.  We ended up taking some to wash at the CCM to get it done faster.  Actually Hermana Hernandez pretty much did my laundry for me.  Sweet!  I took a hot shower and put my PJs on.  It was seriously the best shower of my entire life.  I felt so clean.  They made some pizza and we relaxed over at the president´s house for the evening.  Anyways, Hermana Mcentire had had been sick for a couple of days and they told us if she didn´t feel better on Tuesday to go take a test.  My stomach had felt a little funky but I wasn´t sick.  So on Tuesday morning, we both decided to go to the lab across the street.  Who wouldn´t want to take a stool test anyway? J We got the results a couple of hours later before we were going out to work in the morning.  We both have parasites...awesome...  Hermana Hernandez told us to do an exchange and we both went to the office to pick up the pills to take.  We got to talk more about the water situation with the office and they gave us money to buy more water and Hermana Hernandez called the landlord to get his word that it would be fixed on Saturday.  Anyways, we took the pills.   So on Saturday, they worked all day and now we have water all the time.  It was like Christmas morning and it appears that we will always have water now.  Awesome. Hermana Mcentire and I both feel better.  I wasn´t really sick but my stomach didn´t feel normal.  But it´s just another story to tell about the mission. J  The house is clean now and now we can keep it cleaner having water all of the time, so we should be good to go.  If I still feel weird in a week, I will take another test and we are going to the office next Monday for a b-b-q with the Eickbushes so I can pick up more pills, if necessary.  I am feeling fine and we have been working as normal.  So the power just went out and I lost some of what I was writing but I saw our Governor Jan Brewer this week on the TV here...good times.  We have Stake Conference this week and then hopefully a baptism on the 22nd.  Anyways, it’s been kind of a crazy week with the water and all, but all is well.  Our new ward mission leader is great and we have a cool investigator.  It turns out this woman is a lawyer and I really like her.  She said she got an answer that the church is true so that is cool.  We just need to get her working towards baptism.  Well, I love you guys sooooooooooooooo much.  Love you sis...see you in 10 weeks.   I hope you all have a great week.  Here´s some pics from the week.   As you can see I am fine.   I wasn´t really sick, so no worries.  Hermana Mcentire and I keep each other sane.  Life is good in the DR.   It is super hot with no rain this week... as Chessy would say, it is wicked hot!   Love your DR daughter, ejc



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