August 27, 2012

Greetings from the DR...

Hi peeps!  So it´s been a wet weekend here in the DR.   We were in the house all day Saturday and the afternoon on Friday, but nothing besides lots of wind and rain to report.  The sun finally came out today and I decided I like living in a sunny place because after not seeing the sun for a couple of days it seemed kind of depressing.  Hermana Louis and I are staying together for a third transfer.  This is the longest I´ve been with the same companion but we have baptisms planned for September so at least we´ll get to see some of the fruits of our labor. A bright side is that Hermana Mcentire is coming to replace one of the Dominicans in our house so we get to work in the same ward and live together.  It also means we hopefully will get to watch general conference together in English at the end of the transfer.  Only 10 more emails since my last Monday I don´t think I´ll be writing, since I´ll see you the next day. J  That sure sounds good.  We´ve had an interesting week with the rain and such.  The district leader called early in the week to tell us to buy food and medicine, etc. then on Thursday we didn´t have our weekly zone meeting but used the time to make sure we had everything we needed.  Since we didn´t have the meeting we didn’t get mail or send out mail so I should have a good stack on Thursday and some to get out to you.  I am going to write my last letter to Nicaragua today. J  We worked on Friday morning and then at lunch time the leaders told us we could go out depending on how the wind and rain was in our area.  It didn´t seem too bad so we went out. By the time we got to the first appointment it had started raining pretty good and the wind had picked up.  The person wasn´t home so we were going to drop off a Book of Mormon at someone´s house and then head in, but then it got real stormy.  We stopped to put our scriptures in plastic bags and then went back to the house soaked as could be.  We gave up with the umbrellas since they were going to break and with the wind it didn´t matter if you had an umbrella. The leaders called to tell us to head in too when we were deciding to start back home.  When we got to the house the other hermanas were there, and said, pobrecitas, since we were so wet, but it was an experience for the record.  So we were trapped in the house until Sunday morning.  I fixed one of the soups mom sent, took a lot of naps, and watched, “On the Lord’s Errand”.   On Friday morning I tried to get more info about the storm but my source was a little 6 or 7 year old girl and I was thinking how desperate I had become. J  I figured you guys had about 100 times more info than us but the leaders kept us updated on whether we could leave and stuff.  It got boring in the house but I did think it was a good rest for the last 12 weeks of the mission.   I taught the other hermanas the cup game we always played at girls camp.  Anywho, it was an experience but all is well.  My companion woke me up at about 6:15 one morning by saying, hermana!.  There was a black thing on the wall by the window but I couldn´t see exactly what it was.  I thought maybe it was a bat but when I put my flashlight on it, it was just a big moth or butterfly.  I said, it wasn´t going to do anything, and then I tried to enjoy my last few minutes of sleep.  Last night I killed a big!  So we have a baptism planned for this Saturday for a 10 year old Haitian girl and we should have another later on in September.  It will be cool to have a couple of baptisms hopefully this month and we need to find some new peeps.  We gave a Book of Mormon to the 7th day Adventist lady last week and we´ll go back and see what she thinks.  The only way to find the truth is to read it.  I was reading the talk by Elder Callister about the Book of Mormon this morning and also by Pres. Eyring from last October.  Pres Eyring talked about how the Book or Mormon helps us to learn to have charity, be witnesses of God, and endure to the end.  I was thinking that I need to remember that these last 12 weeks of the mission and make the most of it.  By the way, Elder Eickbush called me this week with 2 questions, if Pres. Toone is still my stake president and if I wanted to fly into Phoenix.   I asked him if he was making the plans and he said Salt Lake was starting on it.  He did confirm it was Nov. 20th.  I am so excited to see you and can´t believe it is September next week and that Alexis will be home before this transfer is over. Crazy!   I sure love you peeps and congrats on the baptism Lexxy.  I am excited to hear what happened this week for her transfer.   It looks like Dad is learning some Spanish. :) ...sabe mucho.   I can´t wait for a Spanish fest.   I was thinking how weird it is that when Alexis and I see each other again we will be able to talk to each other in another language and you guys too. J   My planner for this transfer has a family photo and a picture of the Laie temple. J  I’m glad Lexxy decorated hers.  Yep, I gotta make these last 12 weeks count and focus on the people we are teaching. I sure love you my forever family!  Well, I am signing off for now.  I love you sooooooooooooooooo much!!!!! ejc

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