October 31, 2011

No tengo cambio

So, they just called and I don´t have changes but my companion does, so that will be something exciting for this coming week. She only has one change left so I don´t think she is thrilled. And our district leader is going so hopefully we will still have someone cool like him. So we are off to Managua on Wednesday to find out the changes. We had a zone activity today in Nandaime. We went to a farm and ate fresh coconut and drank the milk right out of them. It was actually pretty good. Then we played kickball and ate hotdogs. It was fun, but it is an hour away. It was late for email but we got totally soaked so my comp wanted to change her clothes. I wanted to email. So my companion is a little shocked I think because they told 2 of the sisters they had changes earlier in the day, but that is because they are training, So, she thought she was safe but nope. So I am hoping that that means I will be here for Christmas since that would be right after this change and the people here will take good care of me. Anyway, we had a good week. We didn´t get the man we needed to at church yesterday so he will have to wait another week. It will be weird here being the one knowing what is going on. Thanks for all the mail.  I got your mail and package so I had my luggage locks all ready if I did have changes but I am glad that I don´t. I didn´t want to pack up all my stuff. Anyway, I am doing good and love you tons. People here know it is Halloween but I don`t think they really do anything.  I don´t know what people do but we are going out tonight. Anyway, weird facts of the week- I saw a Marshalls bag in the street that someone must have brought from the states. And I learned the word for boatload (barcada) when I was practicing how to form words from different words and nouns.  Anyway, as for Christmas stuff here - I did see a Christmas tree get put up this week and someone else mentioned that it is time to get ready since it is almost November.  Yes, Christmas is a party I hear with lots of fireworks and stuff on the 24th.  So yesterday was the Primary program here too, but a little different since it is so small here. But it was good and the 7 or 8 kids did give longer talks and testimonies.  It was fun.  I did have a cool dream the other night that for some reason I was with my district and other missionaries visiting the DR and I had a surprise visit from my favorite Lenny.  I gave her the biggest hug ever and then she sat on my lap for the meeting because there weren´t any chairs. So it was funny and I can´t wait until that hug is real in a year. I love you tons. Well, we shall see who my new comp is next week.  I have pictures but I will wait until next week to send those. Anyway, I saw a bunch of buses full of tourists pass by as we waited for the bus this morning. I bet they were wondering what I was doing here but whatever. I know why I am here - I am here to help families be like ours - a forever family. But it was fun to see them as they passed. I don´t know what group they were from but some tour company.  We have some guidance for this Sunday with the elections, to stay away from crowds and we have to check in at 5 or 6 to make sure we aren`t having any issues.  It will be fine and we will keep out of trouble.  If there are people causing trouble I am sure we will just go in for the day. And it will be good on Wednesday to be going with the elders too since one has changes, so we should be well taken care of for the week. Anyway, also I got a letter from Sister Orme this week that she mailed in July. I don´t know what happened but we have mostly done real well with the mail and I am excited about the stuff you sent. Well, I am glad we get to go to the change meeting since the sister from Hawaii is going home this week so I will get to see her before she leaves. She had a year when I got here and now she is going home. The time is going to go by fast. We are in November. I am glad you had a good birthday mom. I didn´t get ice cream on your birthday but I did a couple of days before, so we can call it a few days of celebration. Well, I love you tons. You are the bestest! The gospel is true. Love, Alexis

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Lori said...

Time is flying for you! Sounds like some good times. I think changes would always be hard. I hope you enjoy your new companion. You say it's weird being the one knowing what is going on, but I think secretly you always do, and in your own quiet way, make a difference in moving good things forward. I missed our Primary Program--was teaching Laurels at a ward conference at the same time! I was sorry to miss it. Keep up the good work! Make every minute your best!