October 31, 2011

Greetings & Happy Halloween!

Hi. I am on the computer now. I hope Alexis will be on because I want to know if there will be any changes for her this week. We had planned to use internet a little later but our plans changed. At least it is not the last hour of p-day like last week. :) Today we cleaned the house in the morning like always and then my comp wanted to print pictures, so we did that. Then we came to the mall Mega Centro to see the sister that is going home next week. A bunch of the other sisters were here too. We were supposed to eat lunch at an investigator's house, but she wasn´t at church yesterday and we tried calling after we met up with the other sisters, but nobody answered. We´ll see if it was a bad choice to stay here and eat lunch or not when we visit this week. So things are good and we had a good week. Only one week left of this transfer. Probably won´t be changes next week, but I´m fine either way.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. I just typed my email and was reading through it and then deleted it all and it didn´t save in drafts. Anyways, things are good. We helped put up a Christmas tree on mom´s birthday at an investigators house. I ate a super sundae for mom´s birthday too. Mmmm. We had an RS activity this week and decorated little Christmas bags. I made a bow for mine and I think Velvalee would have been proud.  I got a nice pile of mail on Thursday... letters and dearelders...  good times. I love mail.  I gave my talk yesterday in church. I think it went okay. I read a few quotes about missionary work and tried to say something half intelligent. People said I did good. We are starting classes for English and Portuguese this week. My comp will do the Portuguese and I will do the English, obviously. I´ll give you a report on how that goes next week. I did find out about the World Series in the paper. It sounded like game 6 was exciting and I was happy to see on Saturday that St. Louis won. I was thinking of your client, Dad. :) Well I am signing off. I love you peeeeeeeps soooooooooooooooooooo much!!!!!!!!!!! -until next week. ejc

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Lori said...

game six was exciting! the same night as RS! I missed RS for the Stake Championship Teachers Basketball game--30th beat 46th! Then went home and watched the last three innings of that game. Though I was sorry to miss RS, it was worth it to see my boy play ball so GREAT! They played 46th TWICE in a row--both games were close. Every boy played an important part--Ben Denton made the winning basket for the first game and Christian Harris had 7/8 three points shots which helped the score significantly! Jason played awesome too. Keep up the great missionary-ing! The Allens are proud of you Cottam sisters!