October 24, 2011


I am on the computer now. I am doing good. So for p-day today we went to a family’s house. Then we ran into the store here in our area to grab a couple of things and now we are using the internet. Anyways, we had a good week and my comp and I really do get along well. We have been talking more in the streets and we both chill most of the time. I hope you are all doing well. So someone this week asked how old I was and I said 22. They were surprised and said they thought I was more like 30. What! It was just earlier this year that the secretary at Grandpa’s rehab asked what high school I went to. Anyways, kinda funny. I will be giving my first talk next Sunday which should be entertaining for all. It is 10 minutes on whatever I want, so we will see how that goes. :)  We didn’t get mail this week but I kinda figured that was going to happen since there were still interviews at the office, but I know I will have plenty this next week. :) l have caught glimpses of the World Series and even the flyover on Saturday night while we were walking in the street. Anyways, we found a few new people this week...one really cool older guy that the hermanas had taught about 8 months ago. I just want to tell you how much I love you peeps. I was remembering the line from Father of the Bride where George is holding the babies and says that life doesn’t get much better than that. Life really doesn’t get better than having a fabulous family that will be kept together with covenants forever. Anyways things are good here and it is crazy that it is almost November. Only 2 weeks left in this transfer. Funny about the ritz....I have a package at our house right now. mmmmm. Gotta love the fish soup. Anyways, Alexis, it sounds like you are doing well. My comp and I do get along and have a good time. Our week was good, but nothing too exciting to report on.  You peeps are the bestest and I am looking forward to mail this week and then emails again next Monday. This week went by quite fast and I am sure they will keep going faster and faster. :) I love you peeps all so much!!!! -ejc

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