October 17, 2011

So, 7 months in!

7 months seems very weird. Sometimes when I think about it, it seems like it has gone by fast and other times slow. But it is nice now that I am past days of the year I will repeat in the mission and I can say next year at this time I will be at home. That would be cool to pick Elena up if she wants. I think one of the elders that is from AZ that I go home with is going straight home and the other is having his parents come. I think I am good with going straight home. We can come back when there is a temple dedication here. Anyway, I really enjoyed those peanut butter granola squares you sent. They were tasty. So this week was pretty good. We didn`t have much success with people at church, especially the ones who needed to come to be baptized this month. We still have 3 possibilities for October so we shall see. We had 3 people there and one new person was definitely a gift from Heavenly Father. I was not real thrilled when we got up and walk around for like 3 hours before church and got there empty handed. Then, after a few minutes there they introduced us to a woman who came on her own that we didn`t know. That was good and hopefully we can get her progressing. So, anyway we have had lots of rain and I enjoy it and I like to think about Grandpa Mullen and that he is here with me and all this liquid gold. It has actually felt quite cool here. It is kind of like Hawaii in January when everyone breaks out the pants and jackets since it is rainy and below 80 degrees. Actually in this internet place the thermometer says it is just above 80. But with less sun it feels good. So, I enjoyed the talk you sent from Pres. Uchtdorf and I am looking forward to getting the Liahona in a few weeks.  So, I used the chess thing in my workshop and the skit we did was about the conversion of Alma. My topic was success through sacrifice so I had them relate the pieces of the white side to successes and the black pieces to sacrifices we could make. It went well I think. That is good you got my mail. That letter with the cd came pretty fast you sent on the 4th. Thanks so much. That is cool about Lexi S's mission call! I can`t believe Annika will be at Poston when I get back. Craziness but 11 months to go. I am glad all is well and that gramps got to come home. So, I liked what Dad told me about the priesthood session especially about what Elder Holland said about the senior couples. You really need to come on a mission! Yesterday we were talking to a member and they are planning on going on a mission. They have a 20 year old at home and one younger that is married. She was so excited. They haven`t finished all the paperwork but they are planning on going and coming back to work to have money to go again. I think their plan is to keep doing this over and over. That is cool. Really, I think you should go as soon as you can. Missions need people like you and so does the world. So, just something to think about. Life is going good here. I know I am where I need to be. (O, and yes praying in English is very odd and I slip too into Spanish when I pray out loud in English.)
We had a good day. The zone came here to go to the beach at the lake. It is called San Jorge and is about 5 km from the Calle Panamericana (Panamerican Highway). Anyway, we played volleyball and I have some pics I will send. Oh, and I enjoyed a lovely twix bar today. You can get some American stuff like that at gas stations here. It cost a dollar but whatever. It was not a good clear day or usually you can see the volcano and island across the lake better. It has been raining pretty much all week so I have got use out of my coat. Everyone wants it. And I got to wear my boots today. It was good. So I had seen something on a newspaper or somewhere about the swine flu here. I am sure they will tell us if we need to get shots. I will let you know. There has been some big flooding issues here this week. I think farther north. Here there hasn`t been any issues. Here we are good. I love you 3 so much!  Life is good here in Rivas. The gospel is true. I love you tons. Well, I best sign off. I love you and look forward to next week. Love, Alexis

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