October 10, 2011

Aloha y hola!

So, I am on now too, so that worked out perfectly. We had a good multi-zone conference. My workshop went fine and I was glad to be in the first round so I could enjoy the ones I went to afterwards. I had a pile of mail there for me....DearElders from the 11th and 18th, handwritten cards from you and Lenny, and the package. So muchas gracias. I have responded to the letters today, just got to get to the post office after we are done here. Also, I got a little book from Grandma Harvey. They sorted through all the mail before we left and gave me what they thought was all but ended up missing a few that I got on Friday, so I had 2 mail days. Anyway, thanks! So, after the zone conference we had a day of changes among the 6 sisters in the zone. I stayed here and one of the sisters came from Jinotepe. We had the little companion swap. I was with Sister Perez on Thursday. She is from El Salvador - the east mission (Ilopango stake Valla Nuevo ward not sure on spelling) just for Marni's information. She was cool and I learned some new things with her. It is interesting how fast you can get used to someone new and forget how someone else works. I guess the mission teaches you to adapt and I think I will get quicker as time goes on. Speaking of time, 7 months in the mission this week. Craziness. Soon we will be saying that we will be coming home this year because Christmas and the New Year will be here before you know it. Also, the sister I was with had been in Rivas about a year ago so we visited some people she knows including one guy we are working with that I had some new insights with. He was super positive because she was and I learned I need to be upbeat and talkative with him because that’s what he needs. So, I am thinking her coming here was not coincidence and hopefully we can get this guy baptized. We had 1 investigator at church and hopefully we can get some more coming soon. This investigator is a sister of the recently returned missionary here so she has member support which is good. Hopefully we can get her baptized this month as well as a few others. That would be great. Well, Thanks again for the mail. I already wore the jumper. You are the bestest! Love you tons! You are the best. Also I am in agreement with Elena in the senior missionary department. You guys will make awesome senior missionaries. I think the sooner the better! One plus is that you get to choose your companion. :) By the way, this computer and keyboard are in English which is good, except I am slightly off with some of the symbols. But I like it. Weird with Spanish - In a dream, I was speaking to you in Spanish when I got home. I wasn't trying to, but it was habit. I think it will take me a little while to get back into all English, but I guess that is a good sign. Anyway, it is coming along. The president complemented my Spanish when we were eating lunch at his table on Wednesday. I still get a little flustered especially around him, but I was glad to hear that he thought it was all right. There are still plenty of things I don't know how to say or don't understand, but for the most part I can understand and communicate all right. Just keep practicing. That’s all. So, 11 more fast Sundays to go! I love you sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much. So, sorry to hear about the D-backs. The family we eat dinner at kept me informed. They are Yankees fans so they were bummed too. Anyway, a few other thoughts from conference. So, the general authorities that speak Spanish like Elder Christofferson and Elder Scott tape a translation beforehand so it is their voices. It is weird to listen in Spanish since we are so used to listening and knowing their voices. So I was happy I got to see it in English. Also something else you lose in translation is the phrasing and certain words. Like if they use three words that start with w in a phrase you most likely lose that because it doesn't translate exactly. Also when President Monson mentioned the story about the $5 bill. I thought how for the people here $5 is still quite valuable. It is different watching and listening from a different perspective but a good learning experience. Also for the intermediate hymn it had the words in English. On Saturday when there weren't a whole lot of people there they didn't sing but on Sunday they sang in Spanish while it was in English on the screen. Anyway, random conference information. I liked the info on the "I'm a Mormon" campaign that you and Joyce and Lori mentioned in the DearElders. How is it going? Life is going well here. Also I was thinking how interesting it is that with certain people you have connections with and certain people you don't. Not that you can't get along and work with them, but just not the life-long buddy connection. But I am so thankful for you all and my bestest buddies that you are. We will always be connnected for eternity. I love you tons. So a girl from the other branch here got her mission call to the Nicaragua Managua Sur Mision. She actually was on a mini mission for one change the same change I got here. They were thinking she wouldn't be able to go, but she got her call. So who knows maybe I will be her companion in the future. She enters the MTC in November and comes in the change in December. It is rainy today. But I like that it keeps it cool. My shoes get dirtier, but I did shine them all this morning. Well, I better go. My time is pretty much up. I love you TONS. The gospel is true. Love, Alexis

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