October 3, 2011

Greetings from Alexis!

So I am on now. I am in Jinotepe right now. We went to Managua this morning to immigration to get my comp's ID renewed and then came here to practice our zone skit for the multizone conference we have on Wednesday. I had a real good hamburger here for lunch. We go to Managua for the multi zone on Wednesday and then will have a little companion sister change until Friday with the other sisters in the zone. I am staying in Rivas and one of them will come visit me. That should be fun. Yes, I thoroughly enjoyed conference this weekend. Our rule was you could go to the morning session without investigators but if you didn`t have any in the afternoon you couldn`t stay. And if you had one in the morning you were free to go all day. Saturday we didn`t have anyone in the morning and the lady I thought we could get to go ended up not coming in the morning or afternoon. Some people told us they would come in the afternoon, so we went to the church and waited. About a half hour in we were getting concerned and at about 2:45 my comp called one of them and they came so that was a relief. On Sunday, the husband of the lady who cooks us dinner showed up in the morning. We invited him but hadn`t gone to remind him in the morning so that was a nice surprise. And we had a couple of kids come in the afternoon so I got to see it all in English. I will look forward to Dad`s report on the Priesthood session. Also I thought of dad a lot during Sister Dalton`s talk and how you did all of it and got us to the temple! You are the best. More highlights from conference - I liked how Elder Scott called the scriptures - memorized scriptures - our faithful friends. I need to memorize more scriptures. I also liked Elder Cook’s talk about looking up. I really enjoyed Elder Uchtdorf`s talk and the Titanic stories were cool. It was all good and helped me recharge for the next 6 months. I am doing fantastico and really enjoyed conference. It was so great. I really felt motivated and I liked how several speakers mentioned that the Lord knows us and where we are and we are important to Him. Even though I am here in Nicaragua, He knows that and sent me here for a reason and will take good care of me.  He is aware of us all. And that was a good reminder for me. So, that was cool about the Provo Tabernacle. We were hoping for a temple announcement for Nicaragua but we will have to wait until April.  But the other places like the Congo are cool. Only one more conference left in the mission. One year from tomorrow you will be picking me up. CRAZY. Yesterday when we were watching conference in English the elder I go home with said today will be our last day of work in the mission in one year, tomorrow will be changes and on the 4th we go home. I was glad that I am not the only one to think like that. I had sort of forgotten about it yesterday, but he said one more conference, 2 more phone calls. And I haven`t even called from the field yet. I have lots to do before I come home, but it will be a great day. Also as the Japanese Seventy spoke yesterday about the coat in Japan and the elder who baptized him, I said to the elder wouldn`t that be cool if your convert was speaking in General Conference. That would be sweet and I have just got to find and teach these elect people. I haven`t gotten any more mail, but the zone leader said Wednesday and I think possibly Friday. I am not sure what the deal is. But I will be happy whenever it comes and I know I will have a bunch. So random thing of the week... We went to someone’s house and in the yard there was a monkey on a leash tied to a tree. The people we were there to visit weren`t there but it was odd seeing a monkey. That`s something that wouldn`t happen in other places. Anyway, don`t know if I will have time to write lots of letters and get them mailed today or not, but next week. I will hopefully write some letters on the bus back to Rivas, that is if I am sitting down.  This morning it was full so we were standing a lot of the way to Managua. But here it usually isn`t a problem.  Anyway, we have this zone conference this week and I am doing a workshop.  I have 20 minutes and have to give it twice. My topic is success through sacrifice.  I am trying to relate it to chess since that was one of the things I thought of that required sacrifice to get something better.  I will give you a report next week on how it goes.  Hope all goes well with gramps.  I am doing well and keep smiling as much as I can.  I love your emails. I just have a couple minutes left, but I love you and am doing fantastico.  Have a great week and I will too!. The gospel is true. Adios.  I am signing off. Love, Alexis

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