October 17, 2011

More from the DR missionary

Greetings!  I just got back in my area after a fun activity with the hermanas. The president´s wife and the senior office sister took us 12 sisters (8 American and 4 Latina) to the botanical gardens and we had a picnic lunch. It was fun even though I had already been there when I was at the CCM. It is technically in the west mission so usually you have to get special permission but the president´s wife has connections. :) It was a fun day. I got a lovely package this week when we went to the office for our interviews. It was fabulous...the shirts, food, treats, calendar (I liked what you wrote in it), and the Werther´s Originals are real tasty too...all of it was so great. I also got a couple of letters too. I don´t know about the mail situation this week as there will still be interviews at the office and the office couple wasn´t sure if they would be delivering and picking up mail on Thursday like usual but I always know there is mail coming from my favorite peeps. So we´ve had a good week. I celebrated my 4 month mark on Saturday with a lovely sundae. This week we haven´t had power at night for a little while and the little red flashlight I brought is a little wacky at times, so if you could please send my wind up one, that would be great. Muchisimas gracias.  I think we might be going to the temple in November. I´ll keep you posted. We had a much more successful week finding new people to teach. Not so much having them come to church yesterday, but what can you do? :) These 3 girls called us over to them and wanted us to teach them one night while we were walking in the street which was great. 3 new investigators just like that! I had my interview with the president this week which was good. It was quite short since it is a little hard to really have a conversation, but he and his wife are super cool. Luckily my comp and I decided to take a taxi to the office because it turned out that there was a strike that morning and the buses weren´t running and the other missionaries had some troubles getting there. It was also raining so that made it extra fun. The mornings are a bit challenging here since it is hard to find people in their homes that aren´t cooking and want to listen. Sometimes the 2 hours in the morning just seem to be a 2 hour walk around our area. My feet are getting lots of miles on them. :) Somebody asked me to pray in English after I had said the prayer in Spanish at the end of a lesson and I didn´t realize how hard it would be. I kept saying things in Spanish and really had to try not to. I guess that is a good sign. Also kind of a crazy story for the week was that we were visiting a member and her neighbors and we were going to sing a song to her other neighbor who was sick. But when we were going over there, we found out that she had already died. My comp and I still went and sang. It was a little weird being in the same room as the deceased but something memorable I guess. :) That is so cool that Lexi S. is going on a mission. You´ll have to send me her address. I am doing well here and this transfer is already half over. I was thinking yesterday about what it would be like if my three favorite people came and picked me up next year and how that would be super cool. :) Crazy that 7 of the 21 months Lexxy and I will be apart are over. The weeks seem to go by fast. My comp and I are doing good. She said that it would have been cool if our sisters had served in the same mission and had been companions. The activity was real good today, all I need is a little ice cream to finish off the day. :) I bought a big jar of crunchy peanut butter. I´ll let you know how long it takes me to go through it. :) I think I´ve eaten more peanut butter in the mission than most of my life. :) I saw a Mailboxes Etc. at the mall a couple of weeks ago, so I´ll have to investigate that in the future. Glad to hear you are doing well. I will be looking forward to reading your emails in more detail later and seeing the pics. I took a few pics at our activity today before my battery died. I´ll send them when I have my cord with me. I only have about 5 minutes left, but I love you all so much!  Thanks for being the bestest ever!!!!!! It is always a treat to hear from you. I love all of the mail and I love all of you! love, Elena

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