October 10, 2011


Hi peeps, I am on the computer now. We´ve had a good p-day. We did more of a deep cleaning of our house this morning since the president´s wife is going to be inspecting all of the apartments starting this week. We had to go through a bunch of stuff that other missionaries had left in the house in the spare room and we´ve got quite a bit of garbage to get rid of. Speaking of which the garbage pick-up is interesting here. You just have to wait and listen for the horn of the garbage truck and then take your garbage to the street on whatever random day it comes down the street. So that´s super cool. :) It usually comes at least once a week. I got your handwritten cards this week, a letter from Lexxy, the package, and also the DearElders. Muchas gracias. Mail is fantastico! Here are some photos I´ve taken since the last time I sent photos. They are pictures of the sisters in the mission and also from Tres Ojos last week. (Also of my district last transfer and the zone leaders.) Enjoy! 
We met up with some of the missionaries in the zone and played a game.  Then we went to La Sirena which is like Walmart. We ate in the food place there and I had a lovely doughnut too...mmmm. Then we came here.  So we had one investigator at church, and her less active husband came to watch their kids in the primary program which was great. We didn´t find a lot of new people this week, but we had some good lessons. We had a meeting with the president and all of the missionaries that came in with me and their trainers this past week which was fun. The president of the CCM (MTC) was there and it was great to see him. We have interviews with the president this week, so I´ll let you know how that goes. At the meeting, we were discussing the new training program. Afterwards at lunch, some of the missionaries were talking about how things are a lot different here than being a missionary in the states. I have gone crazy this week for avocados and peanut butter. I think I have eaten at least one avocado every day. I accidently bought crunchy peanut butter at the store last time, but I really love the crunchy. I sometimes even crave a pb sandwich. Crazy. I bought a big jar of more crunchy peanut butter today. Last week I had been wondering how the D-backs were doing and on Saturday I saw a paper with a Brewers player on it. From what I could make out in Spanish, I figured the D-backs had lost. Monsters Inc. was on in somebody´s house this week which was fun. Dad mentioned in his DearElder about the call from Elder Holland in the priesthood session for more missionaries and more senior missionaries. Oh how I love the senior missionaries here. The office couple is so great and whenever they call I talk to them because they don´t really know Spanish. We also ran into a humanitarian senior couple that I knew in the CCM and it was so fun to see them. Dad mentioned something about how people worry about leaving their grandkids to go on a mission, but all I can say is that there are lots of other people´s grandkids that need them in the mission. Senior couples are the best! I am doing well here and starting to feel like I understand the majority of what people say. I can´t always respond and some people I have a harder time understanding, but I can tell I am making progress. We were talking with the ward mission leader yesterday and I got the majority of the conversation. It´s a different story trying to have a conversation, but I know I am making progress. Little things this week have strengthened my testimony about how Heavenly Father is aware of me. For instance I decided to do my laundry one day even though I had planned to do it the next day and then the zone leaders called and told us we had a meeting in the morning. I also decided to take my mail with me to the meeting instead of waiting until our zone meeting and it turned out that they didn´t come and pick up mail at the zone meeting. Some people might think that these things are no big deal or just chance, but to me they are examples of little promptings from the Lord that make my life easier. I am doing well here. They are starting to sell Christmas things in the stores and I´ve seen a Christmas tree in one house. I had heard they start early here. :) That means Christmas is around the corner and I think we´ll be able to work it out to talk to Lexxy and you both from what I hear, but we´ll see when it gets closer. I hope you are doing well. We played a game with the zone today called Ticket to Ride which was fun. We might have to buy it when I get home. Anyways, I love you a million!!!!!  I am doing good and will hit 4 months this week. Craziness.  Sometimes it´s hard to believe that it´s P-day again. P-days are the best.  I love you sooooooo much.  I sent photos just a minute ago. I need to wrap up, but I am doing well and love you all!!!!!!!!!  I am so grateful for your love and support and prayers.  Gotta go.  Until next week- Love, Elena

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