October 3, 2011

Greetings From Elena!

So I am on the computer. We´ve had a good p-day. We went to Tres Ojos this morning with most of the zone. It is like a national park with these caves and stuff. I bought some postcards of it to send eventually. I also took pictures that I’ll send later. Then we went to the park for the gathering of all the missionaries here in Santo Domingo that happens every transfer. It was great seeing all of the hermanas. There are 2 new ones. After the park, we came to Mega Centro...the mall we came to before. We ate Pizza Hut and frozen yogurt and now I am just emailing my favorite peeps in a nice air conditioned location. I had a lovely time watching conference this weekend. We could only go on Saturday if we had investigators. We left our house an hour before the morning session and walked around our area looking for anyone who could go, but didn´t have any success. I was kind of bummed and it was hot, but while we weren´t at conference we found a new investigator so perhaps Heavenly Father had a different plan than watching conference. For the afternoon session, I have never been so happy to see people ready to go to church. This Haitian lady and her kids are new investigators of ours this week. They don´t speak a lot of Spanish, so we´ve had a member help us translate, but they came to the Saturday afternoon session. I got to watch conference with the other missionaries in English which was fabulous. I reallllllllllllllly enjoyed conference and didn´t want it to end. All of the talks were fabulous and I thought of you all many times. So conference was grand. It was a little different watching it as a missionary. It made the prayers for the missionaries and the talks about missionaries more meaningful. I am glad to hear that dad wrote about priesthood in his DearElder because I was going to ask for a report. :)  The talk about the missionaries in Japan and the Titanic stories and talks about the Book of Mormon were all so good. I also really enjoyed Sister Dalton´s talk to the dads with daughters. I thought about you Dad a lot and how you do everything she talked about. I have the best family in the world. I am so glad that we have covenants that will keep us together for eternity. The missionaries were also excited to hear Elder Cornish since we´ve met him. I also liked when Pres. Eyring talked about taking his daughters to visit the lady and thought about how you peeps always took Lexxy and I wherever you went. I love you all sooooooooo much!!!!!! I was also touched when we sang Praise to the Man and the line...sacrifice brings forth the blessings of heaven. It is true. I got a boatload of mail this week. Lots of letters from August that I think were sent to the AP address. I think some might have had the wrong zipcode because I have gotten letters from the other address. I got quite a few from mom and Lexxy and Chessy, so it was a grand letter day on Thursday. I also got a letter from Olive and Dearelders from Gehrings and Marni. When I was reading the letter mom sent with the lyrics to "I Feel my Savior´s Love", that song was playing on the cd player. Weird. :) I love mail from you all. Thanks for being the best people ever!!!  I hope things are good with Grandpa.  An elder that is going home and his parents watched conference with us.  It was fun to see them but I think an airport welcome is what I would prefer.  Alexis mentioned seeing an Endeavor last week, and they have lots here. Gotta love that car.  We´ve had a good week here. It is weird being the one that people know. We have some new people and are hoping to have some success this transfer. I started reading the new RS book yesterday and it is really great. I love Sister Beck and the RS. It´s crazy that it is October. My companion and I are both looking forward to talking to our sisters and of course you peeps in 2 months. I just have a couple minutes left, so I will look forward to emails from Lexxy next week.  I am doing good and my companion and I are starting to get to know each other better and get into a groove. I love you all soooooo much!!!!  You are really the best!
Love, ejc

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