October 24, 2011

Greetings Peeps!

So I am on the computer now. That´s cool about Uncle John´s award. I wrote letters today on the bus to Jinotepe for our zone activity and will hopefully get to the post office here before we head back. We came and played dodgeball and futbol at the church and had cake for one of the zone leader’s birthday. We will head back after we are done here. This week seemed to go by pretty fast. We had tons of rain and yesterday was the first day it didn`t rain but it is raining again today and we heard another storm is coming. I stayed pretty dry with my nice raincoat and everyone is envious of it. I broke out the boots one day so that was good. It has been fairly cool though so I even got out my sweater to wear under the coat a couple of days. I did look a little bit like I was going to the snow, but I stayed nice and warm and dry so who cares what I looked like. Anyway, it was a good week except yesterday the people we needed to come to church didn`t show... a lady I thought would come and the other man we had visited a lot during the week. And we even found some shoes for him since he burned his trying to dry them out. The elders had an old pair in the house and they were a little big but he could wear them. It is frustrating but I have learned this week and last, that as we work things will happen to make us successful even if it is different than we planned. We will receive the blessings with time. So, anyway we did have some success with people at church and we just have to focus on the right people who will progress. But it is all good... we have an activity the branch is planning for Saturday which we are hoping to have lots of people there. It should be fun.  Anyway, I am doing great. I hope all is well in my lovely AZ. I can`t believe how close we are to November. So just some random fun things I have noted to tell you about... You know how at home they have the mini ritz cracker with the fake cheese. Here they have them but they are with full size ritz mmmmm. I love fake cheese. Also they have some sweet rain outfits. You can buy rain coats and pants in yellow and royal blue. I think I might need to get me the blue raincoat and pant set before I come home. They have the pants because the people ride bikes and motorcycles and you need to be fully covered to stay dry. And, I had my least favorite food I have eaten here last week - fish soup. I was hoping for soup that day but more like chicken noodle or bean soup that they put an egg in that is real tasty, but when we got there it was fish. I don`t have a problem with fish and I think fish soup would be fine but it was the entire fish in the soup - bones and all. I was a good little eater though and downed it all, well not all the skin and bones and I think eyeball, but I ate it.  I think she could tell it wasn´t my favorite. And my comp was raving about it so I think we may have it again in the future but whatever. I just prefer things deboned. But if that is the worst thing I have eaten I think I am doing good. I know I have the best mail people at home. Thanks for the prayers. I pray for you too. I am so happy to be a part of this family and be with you for eternity. The gospel is true and I love sharing it! Love you tons.

Love, Alexis

PS, Taylor swift is playing in this cyber place. Gotta love TSwift

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