February 28, 2012

Hola on a Tuesday!

We had a good activity with the hermanas yesterday but got back late so president gave permission to everyone that had to travel far to email today. So, we had a good time. I will send pictures another day. We had messages from the president and his wife and then played games like guess who, battleship, jenga, pingpong, fuzball, and others. It was low key but fun to see the hermanas. I think there are about 30 of us...9 North Americans, 10 Guatemalans and the rest other latinas. It was good and we had a good lunch and left at about 3. I managed to guide us back to the bus station with the buses to Rivas from the chapel where they dropped us off. It was me and my companion and the sisters from Nandaime and we took one of the Managua buses to the bus station. They weren’t totally convinced that I knew what I was doing but we made it fine. We got on the 4 o’clock bus with them and they decided that they wanted to contact the bus. So a few minutes outside of Nandaime we sang “Soy un Hijo de Dios” (I am a Child of God) and talked to the bus and invited everyone to church in Nandaime and Rivas. It was definitely a first for me and my companion but it was good. We got some odd looks but we had lots of contacts. Anyway, it was good. We got here at about 6:30, stopped to buy something at the store, and went to dinner and to a family home evening at our dinner appointment since the husband isn’t a member. We are emailing now and off to work. We were unsuccessful in the investigators at church department, but luckily some girl brought a friend that we didn’t know so that was good. I really want to do some family history work when I get home. I finished the Book of Mormon in Spanish this week. I am hoping to read it again before I come home. I am doing real well. It was funny this week at the baptism of the elders. I played the piano and the North American elder led the music. I have noticed that he knows what he is doing and he said he plays a little piano. Anyway, I asked if he plays another instrument. He said trombone and that totally fits him and I said that I play clarinet. He said, “You would play clarinet”. Funny how marching band stuff is world-wide. Also, they brought my bag and scripture case back from Guatemala that I asked for. It’s real good and the scripture case is leather and was only 12 dollars. I will send a picture of it when I get a chance. Yep, cool- Leap Day and then it is March. We have changes next week and who knows what will happen? President said yesterday that Elder Nelson told the area presidency in his visit to keep the missionaries in their areas for longer periods of time and not switch them so much, but I have been here longer than normal so who knows. I would imagine I will be leaving the lovely Rivas. Well, I am signing off. I won’t know about transfers until next Tuesday probably, maybe Monday, but we will see. The gospel is true. I love you tons and have a great week.  Adios -alc

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Lori said...

You both sound so incredibly happy!