February 13, 2012

ALC from Rivas

Greetings people. We had a good week. We were super disappointed yesterday when the family who told us they would come to church didn’t come. We went by in the morning and they weren’t there. Not cool but hopefully better luck next week. Also I got to lead the music in church yesterday. I enjoyed it especially because it made me think about good old MVT toro band. It is weird thinking about singing in English. Sometimes I can’t remember the words. School started here today. Their summer vacation was December and January. That is weird to think about but it was fun to see everyone getting all geared up for school and remember those days. I dreamt the other night that I was here with Lenny with people here in Rivas... funny stuff.  Oh, as for mail goes I should get a huge stack this week. I know the zone leaders have it. We didn’t see them all last week but they are coming this week. Well, the story of the week... on Tuesday it was raining nice and hard and we went out to contact a reference in a part with dirt roads and stuff. The lady let us sit down and we chatted and scheduled an appointment to come back. As we left, there was a little hill and it was a little muddy. My companion totally slipped in the mud and fell. I started to slip but caught myself in time. We were quite far from home and there was a large mud stain on her light grey skirt. So the lady let her come wash off and clean up. She ended up taking the skirt off and put a towel around her to wash the skirt and then wore it wet but we were already nice and wet. Anyway, she is fine but it was a memorable event. Today we went to the lake again to take pictures, then we played volleyball at the church, and then we ate pizza. It was fun. I got a nice sunburn even though I put sunblock on in the morning and then used the stick thing to put a little more on before we played volleyball. Anyway, it will just add to my farmer’s tan. I love you so much. You are the bestest. I am doing well, and can’t believe I will be at 11 months this week. Yes, happy Valentines Day and 100th birthday Arizona. As for dates to remember, on the 18th we went through the temple a year ago. I hope the photos get there. Life is good here. We are just trying to find some new people to teach but that is what we do all the time. Anyway, life is swell. I really can’t wait for you to meet my people here someday. It will be awesome. I love you tons. The gospel is true. Love, alc

Hermana Cottam at the lake

Ferry Ometepe

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