February 6, 2012

Week 26 in Mendoza

So I am here emailing. We went to the park with all of the missionaries which we hadn´t been able to do for a while. Then we went with Hermana Mcentire and her trainee to Pizza Hut. She is doing well...her rash is good, back is good, and hasn´t had any problems with her stomach. I enjoyed chatting with her today. Now we are here and are going to get a smoothie or something after and then maybe play Phase 10 and I will write some letters. I am still in the trio here. My companion lost the little thing that had her money and card in it today in a taxi. She had put extra money in it, so that was a bummer and then they´ll have to replace her card. She had it in the taxi and we think she must have just left it there. She was calm and had a good attitude about the whole thing. Other than that it has been a good day. I love you so much and it was grand getting your emails this morning. You peeps are the bestest. Well peeps, it´s been a good week this week. Change is always a little stressful just trying to get into a new routine and everything. I also am still the one who knows where things are and people to visit, etc. but it´s all good. I like the trio and we are probably still going to be in a trio for at least another week since the president called Hermana Loftus and told her that they are still waiting on her companion’s visa. Her comp is from Peru so that will be interesting. Hermana Loftus is from Portland. She is going home in April in two transfers, which is a couple weeks before her 18 month mark. Hermana Domgaard looks a little like Lexi Sorenson which is funny now that she´s in the mission. Tuesday this week was when everyone was getting settled in and stuff. We had to go grocery shopping and stuff so we weren´t hugely productive that day but it´s all good. It´s been good getting to know Hermana Loftus more since I had just seen her at hermana activities and such. She had the same trainer as I did and called me her little sister when she first got here which was fun. I used to not embrace that lingo but it is kind of true and getting a new missionary sometimes can feel like bringing home a new kid and your habits rub off on them and stuff. She was with our trainer for 3 transfers. Anyways, life is good here in Mendoza, but knowing that there will likely be a change in March is nice. I had a lovely time giving Hermana Ball a big hug today and Hermana Mcentire. Good times! I miss those peeps, but I still see Hermana Ball every week. It´s crazy that it´s February ...almost 8 months!!!!! At the end of the month I´ll be half way. We have 2 baptisms scheduled for this month, one was supposed to be next week but someone in their family died and we couldn´t get her interview in last week. We visited our other one last night and we were teaching, but I was hugely distracted by the music in the background...some classic Brittany Spears and then the song from the Prince of Egypt, “We Believe”. Fun times! I told our neighbor your name, mom, so now sometimes she says that she´s going to call you. She´s crazy, but warming up to my new companions. She says she´s going to visit us. When we were walking home from church she said that we´d need to get the limo ready and stuff. :) The trio is good right now and we work well together. I am learning lots and feel like I will be a better teacher after being with these companions. It is also good for Hermana Ball to be with a more experienced missionary. I sent mail last week but not sure if it made it in the pouch going out last week since there were different meetings and stuff and the office couple didn´t come out. I am doing well and am happy and healthy. Well, my time is up, but I hope you peeps are doing good and have a great week. Mom, I hope the Spanish is going well. Good luck with your test. I am sure it will be fine. I can´t wait until it is time for my favorite hour of the week next Monday. I love you a million. Love you all, ejc

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