February 20, 2012

Hola Peeps!

Alexis sent a Nicaraguan flag home
to put up over her bed

So, greetings peeps. We are in week 28 from Rivas. Life is good. Today for p-day we played volleyball again with the elders and then we went to TipTop or the Nicaraguan KFC.  It was funny seeing some Americans there speaking English. That is cool about Elizabeth Smart. The next p-day we are having a special hermana’s p-day at the mission home. We finally had an investigator at church yesterday. She is the mother of a convert who is on a mission right now. She goes to another church but we shall see if we can get her to keep coming with us. A convert that we have been working with finally came yesterday. So that was good. I am doing well. I got to give a talk in church yesterday. They asked me to do it about 20 minutes beforehand, but I think it went alright. Life is good. I asked the lady we eat dinner with to buy some t-shirts when she goes to buy some in another area. I want to send one to Lenny. I sent letters and a package home today. The family we eat lunch with gave me two wooden souvenir type things. They are cool but I don’t want to carry them around so I sent them home. I had a real good reading fest this week when I got all your DearElders from January. There were like 27 pages. It was some good times including letters from Lenny and Chessy. I am doing well. I really want to keep my word to these people and come back to Nicaragua. Lots say they will come back and never do, but I want to be the one that does. I was playing the piano in church yesterday and we sang “God Be With You ‘til We Meet Again” as the intermediate hymn. As we sang I just felt so much love for these people. I really like the lady who was leading the hymns and as we sang the part about until we meet at Jesus´ feet I just couldn’t help but be excited and want to see these people I have met here, in the Celestial Kingdom. Those reunions will be so great in heaven. I hope to see these people before that day, but I was just imagining seeing them in white in the kingdom of God and how awesome that will be. I love these people here. Anyway, I am enjoying the fruit that is in season now. We have mangoes, papaya, and jacote(?) (I don’t know how you spell it but it is sort of like a mini peach) and avocados. Delicious! We are hoping this next week to finally get the family we have been working with to church and hopefully it will happen. I can’t believe we only have 2 weeks left in this transfer. We probably will do divisions this week with the hermanas in the zone. So that should be interesting and hopefully fun.  I love you tons. The gospel is true and like Elena said, you are happy, even if things don’t always work out as a missionary. I love you so much and am really happy. I can’t believe we are almost in March! Well, adios until next week! Love you my forever family. -alc

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