February 13, 2012

Hola favorite peeps! HAPPY VALENTINES DAY

Just enjoying another p-day here in Mendoza. We´ve had a good week, enjoying the trio and from what we hear we´ll be in the trio for the transfer. Things are good and we are enjoying ourselves. We went to the mall in the morning and had frozen yogurt and I had Taco Bell too. mmmm. We walked around a little and then did our grocery shopping at Jumbo, a store there. Then we came back and played some games and now I´m here. Then I´ll go write some letters and relax before it´s time to get back to work. So this week was good. Bad news is that we haven´t been able to get a hold of one of the people that was supposed to get baptized this month and the other we are probably going to have to push back a week or so just so he has more time. We have a couple other people we are teaching that I have high hopes for, so hopefully I´ll leave Mendoza next month with a couple of more baptisms and fechas (dates). That is if I don´t stay for a 6th transfer. It´s crazy that it is already halfway through February and I have 8 months this week. wooooooo hoooooo. I had forgotten that it had been a year ago on the 4th that I opened my mission call. Hermana Mcentire opened hers on the 11th and was talking about it and then I remembered. Doesn´t seem like that long ago that I got your text saying it came and that I cruised on home from school and then ripped it open. Then we ate at Chili’s and came back for Tanner´s opening. Crazy! Next year at this time I´ll be back in school and home with you peeps. We had a good week this week. On Saturday we had a conference with the whole mission with Elder Gonzalez from the Presidency of the Seventy. It was good and I was asked to lead the music, so we had good seats too. He opened it up for a question and answer session which was good. I also got a boatload of mail from you... DearElders and the newsletter and letters from you and Chessy and Lexxy. I also saw the Mcdermids so that was fun too. I got some of the stuff I ordered too- my new bag and the scripture covers for my bible and triple. He is sending my hymn cover and English cover in a couple of weeks. We rearranged the house this week and moved the beds in the living room area so we each have a bed room to keep our stuff in. We are enjoying ourselves and the transfer is going by fast. I loved all of your mail. Thanks peeps. You are the bestest. Life is good in the DR... no earthquakes or anything this week. Just working on trying to get the ward more excited about things and we are trying to work with the less actives, since there are so many here. I’m glad you like the pictures.  I hope you are enjoying the Spanish class. It was grand reading all of your letters and stuff this week. I´ve got a few people to write today. I love you peeps! Ejc

Here's some pictures I've taken over the past couple of weeks...

my new bag and scripture cases
Hermanas Domgaard & Loftus

with Ward Mission Leader

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