February 20, 2012

Hi peeps!

So it's been another good week here in Mendoza...week 27 I think. Craziness. The trio is still going well and we are enjoying ourselves. We went to another zone's activity today to play baseball. It was fun except for the part when I totally tripped and slid on my stomach. Oops. I have a couple of scratches but nothing to worry about, just a good laugh. I tripped the last time we played softball. Seems to be a continuing pattern. The activity was out real close to the airport so we saw quite a few planes come in real slow. Sometimes I was afraid a ball would come while I was watching the planes. :) I remember driving that road at night coming from the airport and how funny it smelled, but now it is normal. Someone said we'll probably smell like the DR when we get home. By the way Hermana Mcentire says thanks for the package. :) It's been a good week and a good p-day. Yesterday we had a ton of meetings with the ward and such and planning an open house for April and meeting with the bishop and stuff. We spent most of the day in the church which is fine since it has air conditioning. :) It is super-hot today and I think winter is over. Our baptisms that we were hoping to have this month aren't going to happen. One moved. The other that we had an appointment with, I called and reminded her a couple of hours before since a member was coming with us. When we showed up she wasn't home and she didn't answer her phone. She's perdida (lost) right now. I got your lovely Valentine's Day package this week and have been enjoying that. Thanks for the awesome mail. I didn't get any letters but we have zone conference this week, so I'm sure I'll have some waiting for me. I saw a guy with an ASU hat on the other day. Funny stuff. I've also seen a BYU shirt in the last couple of weeks. Elder Bednar was in town this week. He gave some devotionals and stuff that we heard about and a member in our ward was his translator so that's cool. We ran out of water one day this week, but luckily our good friend Lucy got it fixed. The power got cut to the pump that sends it to our tank and she had someone fix it. So now we have water. The power is more like it was my first transfer with lots of time without it, but all is well. We've had lots of laughs this week. A member took us out to visit a couple of people, but it turned out to be kind of awkward. One of the people we visited, my comp gave a cheek kiss to, like we always do to the women here, but it turned out to be an old guy. Funny. Then I was reading him a scripture loud, since he can't hear well. Anyways, good times. Hermana Domgaard started referring to herself as the junior junior companion. I'm the junior senior and Hermana Loftus is the senior senior. Sometimes I call Hermana Domgaard junior junior just for fun. We had to drink more of the malt drink this week. It actually wasn't too bad. I think it is an acquired taste. :)  Also, something funny that I enjoy is that Lucy calls us Americanitas. I love her and can't wait for you to meet her someday. That is great that Jason Garry got his mission call. That is cool about the debate being in Mesa.  You'll have to DVR some of the election stuff, especially the returns on election night since that is my favorite. I also heard some member makes ukuleles in another stake so I'm going to have to check into that before I leave. This week I've really been noticing something I think Katherine had talked about. She said something about how during the mission even when things aren't the greatest, you are still happy. I have really noticed that. Even when baptisms fall through and the work is moving slowly and you walk all day long, I still walk around with a smile on my face and still feel real happy. That is true happiness. It is a weird feeling that I've started to pay more attention to. Being a servant of the Lord is what does it. I hope I can have that feeling for the rest of my life. I always feel so happy too when I think about you 3 and that this time away from you is such a sliver of eternity that we will spend together. Isn't that the greatest knowledge ever?!  Love you peeps! -ejc

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